How to start an online store without inventory


Ever dream of having your own store? Perhaps you want your own boutique or clothing line. You can start your very own clothing boutique store online right now (or any kind of store). When I was in my teens, I always thought it would be cool to have my own store. Never did I imagine that I would be selling products online without inventory. The online world has become one of the biggest places for retail. It is still in…

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How to start a WordPress blog to make money


Have you ever wanted a website? Maybe you freelance, have a service or course to sell, or maybe you just want to start talking about your passion online, whatever it is, a blog is the perfect way to house it all. Did you know that blogging is one of the greatest ways to make passive income? That means you can do it now, and keep reaping the rewards later on so long as people are finding your blog and it…

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How to get most of your travel expense for free

travel to amsterdam

In March, the husband and I traveled to three countries in Europe – Brussels, Belgium, Amsterdam, Netherlands and Paris, France. I had booked the flight tickets with only 19 days to spare before the actual trip. The hotels were booked 18 days before landing in Europe. It was a trip both of us wanted to do spontaneously without the torture of waiting months to go on a trip like we usually do. We ended up spending about $600 a person…

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6 things I wish I knew before entrepreneurship

what I wish I knew when starting entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is exciting. It’s fun. It’s also full of ups and downs. I’ve learned so much over the years and continue to learn more every single day. Do you want to know what I wish I knew before starting a business? This list started off with having only one thing and it grew as I started writing this blog post. Diversify offerings Diversifying your offerings means you should have a premium priced product or service as well as having medium…

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How to tackle your fears

resistance journal

Resistance. We all have them. What do I mean about resistance? I’m talking about not being able to execute or have something you want because of the fears around something. What is stopping your business from growing? For a long time, I would dwell on my fears for days, weeks, or even months until I finally had enough of it and just did it. The funny thing is, once it’s done, there is a lot of relief. Right? You’ve been…

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Branding your business to be you


Branding isn’t just about your colors, your logo, or your website. Although those play a part in attracting people, branding isn’t just about the visuals like many people think. Those visuals catch the eye for people to stop scrolling, but it’s your core message that makes people love or hate you. It’s the message that makes them click follow and eventually buy. Branding can be easy and effortless if you brand your business to be you. It doesn’t have to be…

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What social media platform should have your time?

social media

The world of social media can be confusing to those who are first starting out in their business. There are so many social media platforms and it can get very overwhelming figuring out which ones to be on. Should you be on all of them? Absolutely not, but you can automate them so if you post on one, it posts on the others. Distributing content via automation can get your content out there, but if you are not spending time…

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