6 things I wish I knew before entrepreneurship

December 26, 2017
what I wish I knew when starting entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship is exciting. It’s fun. It’s also full of ups and downs. I’ve learned so much over the years and continue to learn more every single day.

Do you want to know what I wish I knew before starting a business? This list started off with having only one thing and it grew as I started writing this blog post.

Diversify offerings
Diversifying your offerings means you should have a premium priced product or service as well as having medium and low priced products or service. You can make these offerings as passive income too because let’s get real, no one wants to worry about when they are going to receive income next. Not everyone can afford your high ticket item, but many people could buy your medium and lower ticket item which you can scale since it is serving more people.

You can recycle content
You don’t need to come up with new content every single day. You can recycle old content that you have posted before. You can change some words from your previously posted content or get ideas from it and craft a new story with the same message. There really is no limit. A great content tracking app is Trello and I wish someone told me about this site sooner because it is a game changer.

Stop the comparison syndrome
I did this often when I first got in the social game. Remember that when you see someone successful, they are on chapter 100 of their journey and not at chapter 1. So don’t expect to have someone’s chapter 100 results when you are just starting at chapter 1 of your journey. Use their success as inspiration that you can do it too.

Create a system
Create a system so that you can do more of the money making things. When I was freelancing design and photography, I quickly hated it because I was doing everything. When you freelance, you are self employed. When you have a business, tasks are assigned to others so you can focus more on the important stuff. A business still runs when a system is in place. Using programs to automate things and/or having a team can make a huge difference on time management and operations. Dubsado is a great platform for you and your team to coordinate as well as tracking work with clients.

You can change your mind
If at anytime you start to not love what you are doing, or you have outgrown what you are doing, you can move on. The beauty of entrepreneurship is that it is your business and you have the freedom to do what you love. If you started off with wanting to help women lose weight, then evolved to wanting to help women really live their life, well you can do that. You can also start other projects too. You don’t need to stick to one thing. For the people who say to stick to one thing, I would love for them to tell Richard Branson that. Being multi passionate is awesome and you can certainly build your empire. You don’t need to keep doing what you are doing now for the rest of your life either, unless you want to of course. Don’t think of this as your career forever.

Just be you
Just be you. That’s it. Your tribe members are waiting for you. Stop trying to be someone else. Stop trying to put content out there that you think others will love. Just be you! That’s all you need.

These are just some of the top topics I could think of, but there are plenty more things I wish someone told me when I got started. If you’re just starting out, my best advice to you would be to just do it. Stop waiting for the perfect moment or when your site is up to start. Perfection doesn’t happen. Entrepreneurship is a learn as you go process. Failure is inevitable, but it’s from failures that we grow and learn. Hire a mentor as soon as possible. Mentors have failed a lot and will cut the process that doesn’t work so you don’t have to go through it.

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  • Reply Benjamin Strusnik March 16, 2019 at 7:47 am

    Create a system point is my favorite!

    Leah, excellent post! As an entrepreneur myself I agree with everything you wrote, but I’m obsessed with creating systems, let me explain why… 🙂

    Do you also love making things more efficient?
    It can be in any way. Maybe you can minimize the time a task takes you to complete or you can achieve better results in the same amount of time.

    That’s why I love creating systems.

    The more we optimize them, the higher our returns on invested time are.

    And time is our most valuable resource. 🙂

    Keep up the good work Leah!

    All the best,

    – Benjamin Strusnik

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