50 best ways to market your business online

March 31, 2020
50 ways to market your business

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The times are evolving and you can now run a business solely from online. Who would have thought that this would be possible 15 years ago? No longer are you stuck trying to conduct business locally and face-to-face. You can now do it from anywhere in the world, so long as you have wifi. If you want to lounge around by the pool in Bali or drink a latte in a café in Paris while working on your business, you now can. With online marketing, you can scale business to a whole new level as the potential reach is limitless compared to only conducting business in one city.

Below are 50 best ways to market your business online.

#1 Starting a blog

Websites are great, but blogs are even better for marketing a business because of the ability to create content on it. Content is crucial as this is how a business is found on Google. Simple websites without a blog will rarely show up on Google’s search engine because Google wants content and lots of it. Content in a specific niche so by having a blog, you can target specific keywords that make your blog an authority site.

Having a blog is a great way to house all the things for your business. You can easily provide content, create leads, and make the sales all from your blog.

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#2 Publishing on Medium

By using Medium’s platform, your business has the ability to be found through the traffic that already exists on medium. This traffic comes from the users that already exist on the platform. Your content can be found based on the search a user does. Publishing a blog post on Medium is quite different from having your own blog on your own domain because, on your own blog, you have to create your own traffic source to come read your blog.

50 ways to market business

#3 Answer questions on Quora

Quora is a great website that can quickly make you an authority expert on a certain topic. If you have a blog, you can link your blog articles through your answers on Quora thus allowing someone to come to explore the rest of your content on your blog. Quora is also a great platform for conducting market research.

#4 Get chatty on Twitter

By engaging on Twitter, you can have the possibility of going viral. Twitter is a fun social media to use and it has the ability to link out to your website or blog also. Your posts can be found through the hashtags you use. If you use trending hashtags, you have the possibility of being discovered on the trending hashtag feed since these hashtags will also be suggested to other people.

#5 Build your brand on Instagram

Instagram has been one of the hottest social media platform for several years. Because it uses photographs, it can quickly grab someone’s attention. Instagram is very popular for building a brand. With its ability to be quickly found through hashtags and locations, customers can be coming straight to you. You can also go find customers easily through hashtags and locations too.

A great tool to help schedule Instagram posts it Tailwind.

#6 Post on LinkedIn

If you are a business to business, there is no better platform for harnessing other businesses than LinkedIn. It is business and networking focused. You can join groups, connect with more people, and provide a ton of value that can easily make you the expert in your niche. The best part about LinkedIn is the ability to see everyone’s position so that you can easily target the people who would need your product or service.

# 7 Join Facebook Groups

By joining Facebook groups in your niche, you’re able to network. If you post valuable content and engage with other people’s posts, you’ll soon become known as an influencer, leader, and a credible source.

#8 Start a podcast

It seems like everyone is starting a podcast these days. Podcasts are very popular due to the fact that people can listen to them in their spare time. If you publish at least once a week, you can start building up your brand on a podcast. Podcasts channels can be found through searching the platform so it’s a good idea to be niched.

#9 Publish regularly on YouTube

YouTube has been around for a long time. It is also owned by Google so Google puts it on the top of searches when you use the Google search engine. People can also find videos by just searching on YouTube for a certain keyword. YouTube is a great marketing platform that is passive because of its searchability. Over time you can accumulate a lot of content that can be found and help make your sales passively.

You can use Adobe Premier to edit videos for YouTube.

#10 Reach out to your dream 100

The dream 100 is your list of experts that you would love to work with. There are three levels of experts. They are A level, B level, and C level experts or influencers. You can contact these experts and ask them to get on your podcast, blog, YouTube, or simply to collaborate with you. If you are able to work with them, they can easily acquire their audience to your business. What better way to build up your audience than to get the followers from experts in your industry or niche? This is one of the fastest ways to grow your audience.

#11 Guest blog

By guest blogging on another company’s or person’s blog, you can influence some of their readers. You’ll also get a link back to your blog, thus creating a backlink that will help boost your blog on Google’s search engine. Not only that though, you can also bring their readers over to your content or business and start building rapport with them.

Not only can you guest blog, other people can also guest blog on your blog. By allowing this, you will not only get brand new content for your blog, but you will also be getting that person’s audience coming to your blog as they will most likely tell their followers that they were featured on your blog.

#12 Guest interview on a podcast

With the same concept as blogging, you can guest interview on someone else’s podcast. Other people can also come to your podcast. If you guest interview on someone else’s podcast, you will have their audience listening to you and thus looking at what you have to offer. If you have a guest on your podcast, most likely that person will send over their audience to go to listen to that episode. With the proper call to action in the podcasts, you can easily build an email list and make some sales.

#13 Building an email list

Building an email list is probably one of the most important marketing strategies because this is traffic that you own. You can send content to your readers anytime you want without having to compete with the algorithm like you would on social media.

You’ll need a landing page builder to start collecting emails like ClickFunnels as well as an email marketing software like ActiveCampaign. If you’re ready to get started on building your email list, I have a free course that you can get here: Grow a Better Business.

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#14 Create a sales funnel

Sales funnels have the intention to make more money from one customer. It is a series of web pages with different upsells and down sells. The first offer in a sales funnel is usually a free offer or a low-cost product in the price range around $7. When someone lands on a sales funnel and purchases, that $7 offer can easily cover the cost of ads being run to the funnel. It also lets you create a little bit of profit. If you offered a $100 product on that front end, people probably wouldn’t buy.

As soon as they enter their credit card for that $7 offer, then they are taken through the rest of the funnel asking things if they want to buy another offer of higher value. The next offer can be $37, $97, $997, etc. This works as they simply click yes as they have already entered their credit card previously for the $7 offer. They don’t have to enter their credit card again making it easier to keep purchasing more and more down the funnel, thus creating more profit from one person.

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#15 Run ads on Facebook

Running Facebook Ads can build brands a lot quicker. Facebook Ads should link to your offer and not be an ad to go like your Facebook page. The offer should be through a sales funnel because you get to collect their email, in exchange for your free offer. Once they have entered their email, then the sales funnel will take care of the rest in doing the selling for you. If the process is working, you are able to put more money into your Facebook Ads and scale your business. This is how many entrepreneurs are scaling their business so quickly.

Check out this free training on Facebook Ads.

#16 Build a campaign on Google Ads

The difference between Google Ads and Facebook Ads is that with Google Ads, your ad shows up to people who are searching for a particular topic. These people have a problem and they want a solution to their problem. On Facebook, people are there to socialize and an ad can show up on their feed, despite if they are interested or not. Running an ad on Google to a sales funnel is the best way to collect emails and make sales. Once you know your ad is good and your offer is good, you can easily put more money in and scale your business.

#17 Run ads on Bing

Although Bing is not as popular as Google’s search engine, Bing Ads allows you to target the demographic who uses Bing for its search. Bing is the same as Google Ads when it comes to showing ads through a search.

#18 Create content for SEO

SEO has been around for a long time. Known as search engine optimization, SEO is still king in inbound marketing. To be found on Google’s search engine, one must work on the content on their website. Content can be created through a series of blog posts that focus on a certain keyword or topic. Publishing on a regular basis is what is needed as Google likes fresh new content. Backlinking, which is when another website links to your website, is also part of SEO.

Keysearch is a great SEO tool for finding relevant keywords to write on. It’s also great for finding out what websites competitors have backlinks from.

#19 Create content with other people’s content

The best way to get a flood of new audiences is if you compile several influencer’s contents into one. An example of this would be inviting A level, B level, and C level influencers to come on your show. This could be an interview show on YouTube. You can compile the interviews all in one download and offer it to others as free content, in exchange for their email address of course. The influencers that came on your show could tell their audience to go download it from you so they can check out the interview.

#20 Create backlinks

Creating backlinks is great for marketing your website as it helps juice your Google search ranking. Not only that but by having links to your website or blog from a different website, you have more visibility from that website’s readers. Backlinks can be done through guest posting on other people’s blogs, getting featured on a publication, etc.

Keysearch is a great backlinking tool to figure out which websites are linking to your competitors. You can contact those websites to link back to you also.

#21 Pinterest pins

Creating pins to be pinned on Pinterest is really great for marketing as Pinterest is evergreen and searchable platform. Unlike other social media where it is reliant on an algorithm and when it was posted, Pinterest pins can be found through the Pinterest search, no matter when it was pinned. Pinterest pins even pop up on Google so it is a really great way to market business.

Tailwind is the best tool for pinning on Pinterest. If you have a blog, pinning should definitely be one of your top marketing strategies.

To read more about Pinterest pins, check out this article: How to increase blog traffic with Tailwind

#22 Create a freebie offer

Creating a free offer is something every business needs. Why? It’s simply to collect those emails. When you have an email list, you can have so many uses for that list. You can build credible value with your freebie offer and email marketing campaigns. It’s a great way to build your brand and ask for the sale since you’ve established a relationship with the person already. Collect emails from the freebie offer also allows you to plug those emails into Facebook Ads and allow you to market to them and to similar people like them.

To create a free offer, you’ll need to create a landing page opt-in. ClickFunnels is good for building the page and ActiveCampaign is great for the email marketing part. Adobe Creative Cloud is great for building images, pdfs, videos, etc for your free offer.

Ready to build your offer? Take my Grow a Better Business course now.

#23 Create a webinar

A webinar is a video presentation that provides a ton of value, then asks for the sale at the end. To get to see this free video presentation, one must opt-in. They usually have time limits on when the person can see them, which is just a marketing tactic. The webinar is usually evergreen and continues to play whenever the person signs up.

Webinar pages can be created with ClickFunnels.

#24 Go on Facebook Live

Going live on Facebook is a great way to market your business and build your brand. Facebook loves live videos and they place it more often on your followers feed compared to a regular post. Facebook lives are great for interacting with the audience. These people can easily ask a question during live.

#25 Create a Facebook Group

Creating a Facebook Group for your business is a great way to market your business. Facebook prioritizes groups in their feed. If you house your audience in your Facebook Group, you’ll know how many people and who have actually seen your posts. It’s also very targeted as the only people who will join your Facebook Group are the ones interested in your topic or brand. Facebook Groups are better than having Facebook Business Pages because Facebook Business Pages are rarely shown on other people’s feed because Facebook wants you to spend money on advertisements. Facebook Groups are more targeted compared to posting on your regular profile also because your family is probably not interested in your business.

#26 Create an infographic and share it

Infographics are often very popular and shareable. These types of marketing graphics work well on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. On Pinterest, they are what is considered evergreen marketing and will always be popping up on Pinterest searches. They also work well on blogs. Some people will grab other people’s infographics to post within their blog post so it is a good idea to have your website URL on there. Infographics are also great for getting backlinks back to your website or blog.

Adobe Creative Cloud is the best program for creating infographics.

#27 Be a guest on someone’s Facebook Live

A great way to build up an audience is by being a guest on other people’s Facebook lives. This usually works out well on people who are in the same niche or industry as your business. It allows their audience to see what valuable info you have to offer them and thus building credibility with them. They might even start following your business.

#28 Create an affiliate program

One of the greatest ways to make sales is by having other people promote your offer. You can think of affiliate marketing as having your very own commissioned based sales team. By having affiliates promote for your offer, you will have their audience seeing your offer and you only have to pay the affiliate when they make a sale. Affiliate marketers love to promote things that give them a 30%-75% commission.

PayKickstart is a shopping cart and allows you to track and pay your affiliates.

#29 Get testimonials for your product or service

Asking people who have tried out your product or service for their testimonial builds credibility to your brand.

#30 Have social sharing plugins on your blog

Having social sharing plugins on your blog is crucial as social sharing plugins are the ones that make your articles shareable. These plugins allow for your articles to be shared on social media where they can go viral. How much would that change your business?

#31 Have a CTA on all your content

Don’t let great content be a waste. You should always have a call to action after every content posted whether that be asking a question, asking for an opt-in, or asking for a sale. If you post great content that moves people, naturally people need something to take action on. Ask for it!

#32 Ask people to share your content

Asking people to share your content is a great way for your business to reach more people. It extends the reachability of your content to your reader’s list. If you have a blog, it’s a good idea to put a social sharing plugin so that your readers can have the ability to share your content on their social media, send it in an email, or even pin it on Pinterest. On your social media, you can ask people to share your post.

#33 Create a free 7-day challenge

Creating a live or passive 7-day challenge will help build up your audience. If it is live, people will be more engaged and go through it together. This could be conducted in a Facebook group to keep everyone accountable. If the challenge is done passively through an email opt-in on your blog or website, a series of emails can go out daily for the next 7 days. You can also create a Facebook group for this where people join in if they are doing the challenge, but it doesn’t mean you have to run it live.

#34 Run a giveway

By running a giveaway, you can set any kind of rules. Giveaways allow for audience building and brand awareness. An example of a giveaway could be free coaching or giving a product away. Lots of giveaways are conducted on Instagram. They usually tend to have rules like: follow this account on Instagram, tag 3 friends, and share this post. These rules allow for the giveaway to be able to go viral while also building brand awareness.

#35 Offer a free course or call

You can offer a free course or call to help others. This lets you give them valuable information that they need, allowing you to help build your brand. When the person feels like you have helped them, chances are they are more than likely to recommend you to others. Don’t forget to ask for the sale in the end.

#36 Send press release

Have something happening in your business? A press release is a great way to spread the word about your business. If they publish online, it’s a great opportunity to get the backlink to your website also.

#37 Write testimonials for other businesses

By writing testimonials for other businesses in which you have used or tried their products or service, you have the possibility of being feature on their platforms. This is a free advertisement for you. The best part about this is that you could possibly get a link back to your website or blog, thus giving you some points towards SEO and backlinks. It also brings their audience to discovering your website.

#38 Add your freebie product or offer a link to all your social media

Sure social media is to socialize or to keep track of what is going on, but it is also a great way to capture an audience. If you provide a freebie offer via an email opt-in that links from your social media, you have the potential to bring that person that came from your social media into your email list. This way, you can always keep in contact with them without having to compete with the current social media algorithm.

#39 Offer free course/coaching/product in exchange for review/testimonial

If you are just starting out, or you need some testimonials to help build credibility, you can offer a free course, coaching, or product. You’ll need to be clear with the person that your offer is in exchange for a testimonial or review from them.

#40 Participate in forums

Forums are a great way to engage in a niche-specific community. There is a community in every possible topic. It’s a good place to find customers too. Not only can you find an audience and build a relationship with them, but you can also post links to your blog or website that builds backlinks for search engine optimization.

#41 Use relevant hashtags on Instagram

The great thing about Instagram is the ability to search for a certain topic via hashtags. If you use a certain hashtag, people can find you when they search for that hashtag. The best strategy for being found on hashtag searches is by using hashtags that don’t have over 500,000 posts on them because anything higher than 500,000 posts makes your post go down the feed real fast. It won’t be around the ‘recently posted’ for more than a minute. By using smaller hashtags, your post has the ability to stay on the top hashtags if it gets enough likes in a short amount of time.

Tailwind is a great software that schedules out postings for Instagram. The greatest feature they have is their hashtag feature where it suggests hashtags to use as well as how popular that hashtag is.

#42 Collaborate with other businesses

By collaborating with businesses in the same similar niche or industry as you, you are able to leverage their audience. For example, if you decided to go on a video with another person similar to you, you both can build up each other’s brand by leveraging each other’s network.

#43 Offer free product to influencers in exchange for shoutout

Offering products to influencers in your niche in exchange for a shoutout can build a fanbase and sales for very little money. It’s definitely cheaper than running an ad as ads require a few rounds of testing to get the right target audience. A good place to find an influencer to do a shoutout with is on Instagram. You can simply send them a message to see if they will do it. You have a better chance of working with a micro-influencer if you only plan to exchange a shoutout for a product. Bigger influencers tend to want to get paid also for a shoutout.

#44 Get listed on places like Yelp and Google Business

Lots of local businesses rely on Yelp and Google Business listings. People tend to read reviews before working with a business so this is a good place to get listed on and get reviews. The more reviews you have, the higher your listing will rank. By being listed on these places, you will also have the ability to show up on Google searches. Who doesn’t want that?

#45 Be a guest educator on someone else’s program

Many people have courses and you can be the teacher on a certain subject of someone else’s course. This gives you the opportunity to be in front of people. Being a guest on a paid program is even better as the people going through the program are known to have spent money on the program so you could very well make sales for your own products as being a guest will allow you to shine in what you know.

#46 Share your blog content on social media

Blogging is amazing because that content can be found for years to come. If you share your blog content on your social, you can gain more traffic to your blog. You don’t only need to share brand new blog content all the time to your social media. You can always keep sharing old content down the road.

#47 Turn your blog post into a youtube video and vice versa

The good thing about blogging and YouTube is that you can present the same content in different mediums to attract different types of people. Even though the content is the same, some people prefer to read content versus watching content.

#48 Update your email list with your new content

Just like distributing content to your social media, updating your actual subscribers about your new content is a great way to build more trust, value, and even make the sale.

#49 Leverage current events and trends and creating content around it

The good thing about current events and trends is that they have a lot of search being done on them. It’s a great idea to create a blog or YouTube videos around these trends as these two platforms are searchable. You can also create content for social media around these, but they will not have the search ability to be found. Creating content for social media, however, can quickly go viral.

#50 Go through Instagram hashtags and like hashtags in your niche

Going through hashtags on Instagram is a great way to find people who are interested in what you have to offer. You can like and comment on their post and possibly get a new follower in return.  

50 best ways to market your business online
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