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Hey I’m Leah. It’s a very confusing name. It’s actually pronounced Leh-yuh.

I get Lee-yuh and Lay-ya a lot. Oh well! I don’t even know how to say it myself. lol

So basically I was dying at my job. While I loved what I did, which was being a graphic designer, I hated the environment I was in because I was underpaid and not appreciated. My paychecks didn’t even cover my cost of living which in turn made me in debt. I felt stagnant and unfulfilled. Sound familiar? I started to question if my life would get any better or if my life was just going to be like that forever. Nothing scared me more than being stuck living a mediocre life like that for the rest of my life! I knew that I was made for more.

So I turned to what I knew best, and that was creating. I created new opportunities for myself and started freelancing. One day, I just wanted to make a change for myself so I completed a fitness program. I had amazing results and started fitness coaching others online to help others experience what I was experiencing too – more confidence and excitement about life. Coaching really opened up my world for online entrepreneurship because I learned how to use social media, I learned online marketing, I got into personal development, and I learned the power of personal branding. I also learned about residual and passive income which was a game changer because I learned how to stop exchanging my own time for money! It helped me get out of debt, pay off $35,000 worth of credit card bills, and allowed me to start traveling the world.

Through my journey, I realized that I want others to know that there is a better way of living, and not just going by day to day doing the same motion. I love helping others get started with their own online business idea and teaching them how to create different passive income streams so that they can start designing a life by their own terms too. And that’s where this blog comes in! I share all the things that I’ve learned about about running an online business, creating different passive income streams, building a brand, and the mindset it takes to be your own boss. Need help with getting your brand started? Check out my branding agency.

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