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Hey I’m Leah. It’s a very confusing name. It’s actually pronounced Leh-yuh.

So basically I was dying at my job. While I loved what I did, which was being a graphic designer, I hated the environment I was in. I was at that job for what seemed forever. I felt stagnant and unfulfilled. It was painful to drive to an environment that I hated every single day, an environment that literally sucked the soul out of me. It depleted my energy and made me hate my life. I started to question if my life would get any better or if my life was just going to be like that forever. It didn’t even pay my bills. I was passed paycheck-to-paycheck because I was charging the rest on credit cards.

And that’s when I realized that society’s way of telling us to go to school, get good grades, go to college, and you’ll land a great paying job was all a lie! All I wanted to do was to make enough and get out of debt and be able to spend more time with my husband because we were only seeing each other on the weekends since our schedules didn’t match up. I knew that no job was ever going to give us the time to be together more than the weekends. I knew I didn’t want to be stuck wasting my life away to do what society tells us to do. I knew I should be living a more fulfilling life and should not have to wait till retirement to do that.

So I turned to what I knew best, and that was creating. I created new opportunities for myself and started different side hustles. I did freelance graphic design and wedding photography. While it was highly profitable, I quickly found that I was trading a lot of my time in exchange for money instead. I wanted to claim my weekends back and stop planning my life a year in advance based on someone else’s wedding date.

One day, I just wanted to make a change for myself so I completed a fitness program. I had amazing results and started fitness coaching others online to help others experience what I was experiencing too – more confidence and excitement about life. Coaching really opened up my world for online entrepreneurship because I learned social media, I learned online marketing, I got into personal development, and I learned about residual and passive income (the game changer). I got out of debt and paid off $35,000 worth of credit card bills.

Today, I do ecommerce and run my personal brand while leveraging influencer and affiliate marketing. Travel has become a big part of my life and have been traveling every quarter the past 5 years because I enjoy learning from other cultures. It’s pretty awesome to be able to work from my laptop from anywhere in the world rather than being stuck at a cubicle that I hated.

I realized my passion is to help others with their mindset and to start their own online hustles so that they too can get out of the rat race. I love helping others start an online business that allow them to live a healthy and fulfilling life – a life by their own design. And that’s where this blog comes in! I share all the things that I’ve learned about about making money online, creating different passive income streams, the mindset it takes to be an entrepreneur, and how to truly live life to the fullest.

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Did I mention I’m a stay at home dog mom? I’m that crazy dog lady.


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