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Hi. I’m Leah. That’s leh-yuh.

Welcome to my blog where I share all the things that I absolutely love about building an online business, creating different passive income streams, and truly living life to the fullest. I am a personal development junkie and a creator.

While kids played outside in the 90s, I was making websites and blogs from scratch when not everyone had a computer yet. Can we say weirdo!? I have always been a creator and side hustler. Now I full time hustle online doing ecommerce, branding, and helping others get started with their business.

I never knew I could design the life I wanted to live. Like many, I was told to go to school, get a job, and then retire, but no one ever told me that I would hate that plan. I went to school and finally entered the corporate world doing graphic design. I started to die at my job because it no longer challenged me, I wasn’t appreciated, and it didn’t even pay my bills. I was drowning in debt because college and life was paid with credit cards. I wondered to myself if that was it for me. How would I ever start a family with that income? Was I to live my life like a zombie merely doing the same thing every day and not really living? At that time, I was scared of not living up to my full potential.

One day, I just wanted to make a change for myself so I completed a fitness program. I got amazing results and started fitness & lifestyle coaching others online to help others experience what I was experiencing too – more confidence. Coaching really opened up my world for online entrepreneurship because I had to learn how to use social media, I had to learn online marketing, I got into personal development, and I learned about residual and passive income. I got out of debt, paid off $35,000 worth of credit card bills, and am able to travel when I want now.

I realized my passion is to help others with their mindset and to start their own online hustles that allows them to live a healthy and fulfilling life – a life by their own design. No one needs to be stuck doing things they don’t want to do, or go to a job they don’t want to go to. And heck, if they want a one month trip, they can take it whenever they please. This blog is here to help others develop their mindset and give the tools to start an online hustle so that they can start generating passive income and live a life by their own design.

When my mind isn’t going 1000 miles per hour with ideas, I am usually drinking coffee, traveling the world with my husband, reading personal development, working out, and hiking outdoors with my 3 rescues.

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Did I mention I’m a stay at home dog mom? I’m that crazy dog lady.