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Hi. I’m Leah. That’s leh-yuh.

I’m a success coach who helps entrepreneurs become fiercely obsessed with their life and business. I help you get in alignment  with your purpose work… your soul work!

I believe you can have whatever you want in life and business. You can have the money you’ve always wanted, the body you’ve longed for, and the freedom to do whatever it is you want!

At age 12 I made my first website. In my teens I was obsessed with graphic design, making websites, and creating blogs. I went to college to pursue my passion for branding and design. Like many, I was told that life revolved around going to college to land an awesome paying job, then get married, have kids, and have the perfect life. Well, that wasn’t the case since I was living paycheck.

But I always knew I was called to do more than work for 40 years and retire. I knew I wanted to see the world and change it too.

My coaching story started when I decided to charge $223 on a credit card for a fitness package. I had no clue how I was going to make that money back since I was broke AF. But because of that fitness package, my life completely changed because I got in the best shape of my life, became more confident, and became a fitness coach through a network marketing company. Fitness coaching changed all aspects of my life.

Coaching grew my mindset, helped me pay off $30,000+ worth of credit card debt, allows me to travel often, and brought back to my passion for creating and running an online business. (I was doing freelance graphic design and photography before I became a coach!)

I was in the top 3% of my whole entire network marketing company and I absolutely loved training my coaches and clients on mindset and business that I transitioned to a success coach because my soul was calling for more!

I love helping you see your purpose so you can live out your best life. I’ve done the work and want to help you make your business easy! I love up leveling and in turn I help you up level too.

I help you build a business with my signature framework: aligned, effortless, and freedom. I help you discover that you don’t have to have rules or restrictions on yourself. I’ll help you discover your soul purpose work and do what you are called to do. I believe in living a hell yes life! Hell yes to your business – a business that feels aligned with who you are!

If you feel stuck in your business or want to get one started, join me. Make a change. Show up. Become so fiercely obsessed with your life and business that your soul sparks. Ready to work with me and have a hell yes life?

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