Hey! I’m Leah. That’s pronounced Leh-yuh.

I created this blog to share my knowledge in building active and passive income, digital marketing, mindset, and all the things I’ve learned about entrepreneurship.

Curious to know more about me?

I live in Fresno, Ca, though I’m always traveling somewhere far several times a year. Check out my travel insta here.

Originally educated as a graphic designer, with almost a decade in experience in the advertising world, I pivoted to doing my own thing. Digital marketing trends are always evolving and ever changing, which is why I love it so much because every day I am challenged with something new.

I was feeling unfulfilled of playing the same notion every day for a very long time. I didn’t like my job because the pay couldn’t even pay for my survival! I was tired of doing the same thing with no direction for my life. I couldn’t imagine just accepting a life filled with unhappiness and regret like that, so I knew I had to do something of my own. I started doing a lot of design and wedding photography. A few years after that, I stumbled upon a business that taught me about residual and passive income, personal development, taking control of my health, and designing a life that I’ve always wanted. Ever since then, I was hooked!

Becoming an entrepreneur requires a lot of guts and daily mindset practice. The discipline, the mindset, the challenges, and growth is what I love so much about it. Nothing is ever the same on a daily basis. With this blog, I hope to inspire and help you take action into designing a life and business that you are fiercely obsessed with.

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