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Hey I’m Leah. It’s a very confusing name. It’s actually pronounced Leh-yuh.

I get Lee-yuh and Lay-ya a lot. Oh well! I don’t even know how to say it myself. lol

I once was an underpaid and unappreciated graphic designer who was drowning in debt and who couldn’t accept living in mediocracy anymore so I started finding different ways in making more money online so I could live a better life, a life by my own design. At that time, I didn’t even know what a life by my own design was all about until one of my hustles painted this picture and made me stumble upon residual and passive income streams (I only knew of real estate that did this type of income, boy was I wrong). This form of income completely changed my life as all I have been taught all my life was to get good grades and you’ll land a good paying job (look how that turned out lol).

Through my journey, I realized that I want others to know that there is a better way of living, and not just going by day to day doing the same motion. I love helping others get started with their own online business. And that’s where this blog comes in! I share all the things that I’ve learned about about running an online business, creating different passive income streams, building a brand, and the mindset it takes.

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