Hey! I’m Leah. That’s pronounced Leh-yuh.

I created this blog to share my knowledge in building active and passive income online in hopes to inspire other people to build a life and a business that they are fiercely obsessed with.

Chances are, if you stumbled upon this blog, you’re full of the entrepreneurial spirit. Am I right?

Whether you are already an entrepreneur who is looking to scale and create more passive income online or someone who can’t stand their day job and looking for a way out, no worries boo, I gotchu!

My framework is simple.

Create the profit first. Make money for simply being you with your soul. And build systems to create passive income so you can have more freedom to do the things you want to do – for me, that’s traveling the world! What is it for you?

Curious to know more about me?

I moved to the US when I was six. Now I live in Fresno, Ca, but when I’m not home, I’m usually traveling out of the country.

As an only child, I was always creating – always on the computer. I learned HTML when I was 12. I started making blogs. I was pushed to succeed in school because they say if you go to college you’ll land an amazing job. The only difference is that I graduated during the economy crash with a BA in graphic design. No one was hiring. I had to make use of my graphic design skills and started freelancing. I eventually found a part-time marketing job that paid minimum wage. I learned about SEO and inbound marketing at that job. You can say that I was distraught when it comes to the teachings of ‘go to school you’ll land an amazing job that pays well’. I’m livid about it actually. A bachelors degree making minimum wage. Was that some kind of joke?

I eventually got a job doing graphic design in the advertising field and for years I did that, but I started to question what I was actually doing with my life. The job could barely pay for my existence! All the years of schooling, the college education, only to have a job that pays as if I didn’t even have a college degree! It was not even challenging. I was drowning in credit card debt since the job didn’t pay for my existence. I knew that if I continued to do the same thing for the rest of my life that I would be miserable and stuck. Are we really suppose to just go on with life doing the same notion? Working for the next 40 years? Barely surviving? Not even surviving… just slowly drowning.

I started doing my own thing to help myself get out of the situation. I was hustling design and wedding photography. It totally paid off to have learned SEO at my very first job out of college because I ranked quickly on the first page of Google locally. While I was making pretty good active money with my hustles, it started to get time consuming. I knew I had to learn how to make money without exchanging my time for money! I eventually stumbled upon passive and residual income. Ever since then, I was hooked in creating different streams of passive income from online and designing the life that I want to live!

Becoming an entrepreneur requires a lot of guts and daily mindset practice, not to mention all the failures that happen on a daily basis. The discipline, the mindset, the challenges, and growth is what I love so much about it. Nothing is ever the same on a daily basis. With this blog, I hope to inspire and help you take action in creating income online so you can start living the life you are suppose to live – your dream life!

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