fresno ca web designLet me guess…

You’ve DIYed your whole branding visuals with Canva.

Maybe you bought something generic off of Etsy that looks like everyone else’s logo.

Or you paid someone on Fiverr to make you a logo and you have no clue whether it’s legal or stolen.


Yes, that does happen. How do you think they can pump out a logo for you in one hour?

Your website has no navigation for people to pay you.

Or you don’t even own your own domain.

Or worse, you have no website.

No wonder you’re not standing out.

No wonder you’re not attracting the right people.

So how about we work together so that I can create your branding visuals that stand out and speaks exactly what your brand is about?

Can you imagine this?

You have the branding visual design that you are so confident to show off.

Your visual branding disrupts all the social media feed and gets all the attention.

People are paying you for what you are worth. #cashflow

Your branding design last an eternity like Coca Cola. It never goes out of style and doesn’t look like a sea of sameness. (Can we just say no to all those adventure logos that all look the same? You were born to stand out.)

Your website collects leads and makes passive sales. #chaching

You get to have a brand that actually portrays you and attracts the right people to you.

If your brand was a product packaging on the shelf, the person next to you would buy it over the other item because #branding.

Your brand gives people all the feels.

Wouldn’t that be great?

You + me & your branding identity

You’re ready to have a brand that stands out.

In 2 months you’ll have a #freshAF branding identity, design guidelines brand book, and website.

We’ll make sure everyone knows what you’re offering.

We’ll make sure you have a lead magnet.

We’ll make sure to have a whole guideline for your brand so that you and your team can always make your brand look cohesive.

leah's designs


Leah was able to create the cutest brand identity for my business that actually made sense. She really listened to what I was saying and was able to capture the essence of both my biz and my soul mate clients. Thank you, Leah!

– Devandy Walbridge, Holistic Health & Wellness Coach at Devandy V

What do you receive with my branding identity design?

2 logo mockups. One designed like how you envisioned, and one designed like how I interpret your brand. ($2,000 value)

1 complete logo design in original EPS vector format. You’ll also receive a pdf, jpg, and png file. ($3,000 value)

Mobile lightroom filter for your images so they are always branded to you. ($500)

Branding identity guide book to give all the details on how EVERYTHING should look on different platforms whether it be physical or digital, what you can and can’t do with your logo, your typography, your colors, and your images. This book makes it easy for you and your team to follow so that your brand can be cohesive across all platforms. ($7,500 value)

A WordPress Website. The website includes a blog because a blog is the traffic source that brings people to your website. We’ll also help you with your lead magnet and helping you set up your email marketing platform if you don’t already have one. We’ll design up to 4 pages. These pages are usually your home, about, service, and blog. Your website will be SEO ready, Google Analytics ready, Facebook Ads ready, and Google Webmaster ready. Plus you’ll get the basic security and back up plugins. ($10,000 value)

1 hour consulting & strategy session with Leah ($750 value)

Video tutorial to help you navigate your new WordPress website ($750 value)

Total value: $24,500

Your investment for your new branding identity design:

$11,997 paid in full


This branding identity isn’t for everyone

Please only apply if:

  • You care about your branding visuals and know that it is important to your marketing plan.
  • You need a system in place that collects the leads and makes the sales.
  • You need a system that you and your team can follow and know that it will always be the right way to use your brand.
  • You care about having a memorable brand that attracts the right audience.


Meet your creative director Leah


Leah is a multi award-winning graphic designer and a digital marketer at heart.

She received her BA in graphic design, has 8 years of experience in marketing and advertising in the corporate world, and was inbound marketing certified through Hubspot.

Leah started her business off as a freelance graphic designer and wedding photographer and has since evolved to do digital marketing and helping others build their own online business.

Wildly obsessed with branding and design, Leah was geeking out making websites when she was 12. This was back in the 90s before every household even had a computer. Can we say #designnerd?

She has worked with brands like ClickFunnels, Tailwind, Buick, and Under Armour for influential branding campaign sponsorships. She’s been featured on Kicksta for branding on Instagram.

When she isn’t out traveling the world, Leah currently resides in Fresno, Ca with her husband and 3 rescued pups, with an online community of 90,000 followers.

You have questions & I have answers

How long will this process take?
Please allow two months to have your new brand design. (Although it depends also on workload, we will let you know.)

What is your refund policy?
Absolutely no refund. A lot of time and energy is put in creating your branding visuals.

What do I do if I have more questions?
Just email support(at) with any of your questions.

Your investment for your new branding identity design:

$11,997 paid in full


camille davisLeah has a way of getting down to the core of what you need in order to stand out in a sea of sameness and differentiate yourself so you can attract your dream soul mate client! Loved our deep dive session that helped me understand that having a cohesive branding kit is vital to consumer recognition + my success, crushed it!

– Camille Davis, Creator & Owner at Divorced not Defeated, Daily Courage

I had an amazing call with Leah! She was super helpful with how I should make my brand cohesive across social media, and how to use social effectively so that my brand stands out. Love her energy!

– Gina Day Woodward, Wellness Coach



2015 ADDY in Recognition of Creative Excellence
* Gold ADDY Award Best Cover
Design Title: 2014 Book of Lists

2013 Fresno ADDY Awards

* Gold ADDY Award Magazine Design (Entire Magazine)
Title: Fresno/Clovis Visitors Guide

* Gold ADDY Award Magazine Design (Entire Magazine)
Title: Relocate Fresno County 2012

* Silver ADDY Award Magazine Design (Entire Magazine)
Title: Relocate Fresno County (Spread)
pg 20, 21


2012 California Newspaper Publishers Association Better Newspaper Awards

Weekly newspapers with 4,301 to 11,000 circulation.

* Category: Special Section
“2012 Relocate Fresno County”
2nd place


2012 Fresno ADDY Awards

* Gold ADDY Award
Cover Design
Title: Relocate Fresno County

* Gold ADDY Award
Newspaper, Spread, Color
Title: Pacific Publishing Group, Inc. – 125th Anniversary

* Silver ADDY Award
Magazine Design
Title: Relocate Fresno County

* Silver ADDY Award
Cover Design
Title: The Book of Lists

2011 California Newspaper Publishers Association Better Newspaper Awards

Entry among the top 10 percent of submissions. Weekly newspapers with 4,301 to 11,000 circulation.

* Category: Best House Ad/Advertising Campaign

“It’s never been easier to get local breaking business news”

Blue Ribbon Finalist (3rd place)

* Category: Best Page Layout & Design

April 29 and May 6, 2011 issues of The Business Journal

Two consecutive issues
Blue Ribbon Finalist (3rd place)


2011 Fresno Addy Awards

* Gold ADDY Award Magazine Design
Title: 2010 Visitor Planning Guide

* Silver ADDY Award Magazine Design
Title: Relocate Fresno County

* Bronze ADDY Award Newspaper Self-Promotion, Insert
Title: Business Journal Christmas Mailer

Your investment for your new branding identity design:

$11,997 paid in full