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April 9, 2019

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Email marketing has been around for years. Despite what many people might say, email marketing is still strong. In fact many bloggers, digital marketers, and affiliate marketers rely heavily on their email marketing strategy to make money. Some have even created long email sequences that help them make money passively. Below you will find some email marketing tips so that you can start making money from your email list.

What is email marketing

Email marketing is a way to communicate to your audience via their inbox. You can build trust and value in these emails. When you build trust and value, your audience is more likely to buy whatever it is you are offering. Every business should be building up their email list, as it is a source that is tangible and owned. If Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and any other social media platform goes down, you still have your email list in which you can still market to. Even your website could have the possibility of going down if the web hosting crashes or your site gets hacked. It’s always a good idea to have a hard copy of your contacts because you can stay in touch with them and even direct them to whichever new platform you are on.

How do I get started with email marketing?

You will need to have your own email address from your own domain name to be more credible in your email marketing strategy. No one wants to see an email campaign coming from a or So if you do not have your own domain email already, you will need to buy a domain and hosting from SiteGround which will come out to about $3.95 a month.

siteground pricing plan

The first step in starting an email list is by getting your own email-marketing provider through ActiveCampaign. ActiveCampaign is my favorite because there are so many options you can do with this software that other email marketing softwares can’t do. ActiveCampaign can sort out your contacts by tags and email list. You can also create email sequences for those that didn’t initially open the previous email to send out a different email to them compared to those that did open. You can trigger links within an email so that when a reader clicks on it, it adds them to a different list where a new email sequence can start. You can also automate an email to send out depending on the page they viewed on your website. The list goes on with what ActiveCampaign can do! You can try out ActiveCampaign for free for 14-days here. They have one of the cheapest prices around for email marketing.

active campaign


The email marketing strategy

Once you have ActiveCampaign, you’ll want to create a free offer related to what you are selling. This could be a free training, a pdf checklist, a book, and anything else that gives value to a potential customer. This offer is what you will exchange for their email. Remember, you are growing your list to provide value, make connections, and make the sales in the future.

You can use ClickFunnels or your WordPress website for the opt-in form. I prefer to use ClickFunnels when it comes to my opt-ins because the whole page is focused on doing one thing – to get the email. With a website, there is so much going on that the opt in is an afterthought, unless of course you are talking about it in your blog and have a form leading up to it. You can see from the image below what an opt-in page looks like on ClickFunnels.

click funnels landing page

With ClickFunnels, you can offer a product for sale on the page after they opt in. This could make back some money if you were spending money on advertising to drive people to the opt-in page. This is another reason why I like using ClickFunnels for my opt-ins. If you aren’t using any advertising and people are simply opting in through ClickFunnels, then the second page of your funnel could have an offer that could potentially make some profit. The second page could be a tripwire or a bridge page. Both pages are trying to make a sale, but the bridge page is usually trying to make the connection to the next step in the funnel. This method is usually used for affiliate products. The tripwire page is a method to make money immediately after the person opts-in to your freebie and this product is usually under $50 with a timer to make a quick sale. You can try ClickFunnels for free for 14-days here.

It’s in the brand

If you’ve build up an awesome brand that loves you, and your offer is aligned with your brand, then your email open rate will be high. The key to standing out and having people open your email is in your branding. How many times have you seen random people’s emails that you’ve opted in for in your inbox and you had absolutely no clue who they were? I bet it happens every day. For the ones that you do read and keep in your inbox, you probably are aware of their branding and what they stand for. You have a connection with them and that’s why you keep opening their emails. How can you build up your brand so that people open your emails and are excited to hear from you when they see it in their inbox rather than getting deleted or being hit with unsubscribed? You can read more about how you can create your own brand here.

The passive email marketing strategy

As part of the email marketing strategy, you will want to send out a sequence of emails following your initial freebie to help build your brand. In these emails you want to give as much value as you can as well as make it so memorable that they remember you. You can send over previous blog posts, YouTube videos, Facebook Lives, and other resources to give value. You can then make your offers or pitch the sale. If you are new to the concept of value and sale, then I recommend reading this book.

You want to have a few email sequences for your freebie and once that sequence is over, the email gets added to another list in which a new automation of sequence starts. This email sequence can go on forever and can help you build passive income with your offers. This is a tedious and long process, but imagine if you got it done. How much time and freedom would you have if you automated your whole email process? It would build you passive income as people keep coming into your list and it just sends emails on automation. Once that email sequence is finally over, they can get added onto your main newsletter list, which aren’t automated emails. This list is your list that you email for updates and new offers daily or weekly.

Below is an image example of one of my email sequences.

active campaign

This email marketing tip is simple. Executing it is going to take a lot of time and diligence, but once you have created a very long automation process, you will feel so good and accomplished. You can set up new email sequences weekly and just keep building on to it until you feel that you are satisfied and are getting the sales that you want from it. Your hard work will all pay off and you will be sitting at the beach as your email marketing is doing the work for you all on automation. How is that for passive income?

email marketing strategy #emailmarketing

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