Goal crushing business with intensions

December 5, 2017
passion led us here

I can’t believe December is here! How has your year been? Are you ready to finish it off with a bang and start the new year with a boom!?

I thought last year was full of growth, but this year has definitely surpassed the other year. The word that describes this year for me is alignment. You hear me talking about this often and that’s because I am so passionate about being aligned and only doing the things that feels good to me. I preach this often and I really love helping my clients with this because once you are aligned, business feels easy and effortless, and goals are crushed.

Before being in alignment, I was constantly hustling. Hustle. I feel like this word has so many different meanings and it has become very main stream. I always kept myself busy. And when I wasn’t working, I felt guilty for not hustling. The truth was, I wasn’t very clear about my goals so I just hustled to burnout.

Before being in alignment, I was doing things that didn’t feel good for me. When things start to not feel good, business feels like burden. Ever feel this way? Ever feel like there is a rock on your shoulder? When business feels this way, it’s hard to crush goals when your heart isn’t in it.

For almost two years, I was in a deep mindset work. I just wanted to empower others to live their life by design and with purpose. I kept preaching this over and over, but yet I was still fitness coaching. I came to discover that I was not in alignment at all. I had to transition to fulfill my soul in empowering others to live out their purpose and have a life and business that they are so fiercely obsessed with. And you know what? Everything started becoming easy again, things became clearer, and goals started to get crushed.

So tomorrow, I will be going live in my community to talk about how to crush goals by being intensional and in alignment. Join us in The Aligned Entrepreneurs community.

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