How to become that must follow brand

October 2, 2017
must follow brand

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You want more visibility. You want more soul mate clients. You want more sales. You’ve been at this business for a while and you’ve spent a lot of money on trainings about the strategies for making more sales.Yet, you’re still there hearing crickets.

What sets one business from another? It’s the brand. It’s the voice. It’s the message. It’s the feeling.

People buy because of the emotional connection.

So you’re here reading this because you want to become THE brand that people want to follow and the brand they want to buy from. You’re questioning yourself right now and asking what the next strategy is to put in place. It’s not a strategy. You already know this. Speak your truth. Your soul mate clients are the ones just like you. Stop holding back from what you really want to say. Speak with passion! “Your vibe attracts your tribe” … ever hear that expression? That statement is so true. Your vibrations are what attracts people to you.

Think about what goes on in your mind when you find someone who you must follow online. What triggers do they set for you? How do they make you feel? What messages do they say that makes an impression on you?

They just keep showing up every single damn day with awesome content you can relate to. Am I right? And you’re thinking, how the hell do they do that so well!? Give value every single day. That’s what must follow brands do.

These are all clues to how your soul mate clients work too, because again, they are just like you.

Can you say that if you really like someone online that you are gonna go search for them? You’re probably looking them up on every platform and stalking their blog. Am I right? You probably even want to go as far as wanting to know what they had for lunch. You care about what goes on in their personal life too. Only a brand that is must follow creates that. They create irresistible content! When they establish that relationship with you, you’re ready to give them your money! Have you ever caught yourself buying something or giving someone money because you already knew you wanted it, but you didn’t really know what you bought? Do you get what I’m saying? You already trusted them, you were already sold on them, and it wasn’t because of the offering that you bought.

So think about this approach and how you can do it for your business too. It wasn’t that opt in from a Facebook Ad that made you want to buy from them.

Learn how to become that must follow brand that influences everyone. #branding #brand #onlinemarketing #influencer

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