How to create backlinks for more traffic

July 9, 2019

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A backlink is a link back to a blog or website. Backlinking is part of search engine optimization (SEO). It helps rank a website or blog on Google so people can stumble upon it from simply doing a search. Blogs tend to have more backlinks as they are filled with articles. The more backlinks an article or website has, the greater chance that Google thinks it contains valuable information and will make it be found in searches. It even has more chances of being found on the front page of Google when credible websites are linking to it.

Many people have the goal to reach Google’s front page as that is how you gain more traffic to a website. The traffic that comes from a search is usually a warm and a hot leads. These warm and hot leads are aware of a problem that they have and are looking for a solution to solve that problem. If your blog or website has the solution to their problem, they are more inclined to buy, thus making them a customer and making the sale.


Types of content that attract the most backlinks

There are five types of articles that attract the most backlinks. The first type of content is ‘how to articles’. How to articles explain and teach how to do something. It’s very popular as we are in the era of do it yourself (DIY). Not only that though, people are always looking to learn something.

The next type of content that is very popular is a list. Our attention span is so short these days and many people prefer to read lists that get to the point on what they have been searching for.

Infographics are another popular type of content that creates lots of backlinks. People love to share infographics as they are visual. They also explain a lot of things visually without having to read so much to gain knowledge. It’s a quick way to learn. Infographics can be used in other people’s articles and will always be linked back to the original source which is why you should have a few infographics from your blog or website.

What and why type of articles are also very popular for backlinks. These articles explain what something is and why you should chose it. An example of this type of article would be why you should use one software over another software. People love reading about pros and cons before they buy.

The last type of content that is popular for a backlink is a video. Videos are so popular because we can just hit play and consume the information without having to read anything.


Link building methods that should not be used

There are many link-building methods, but Google does not approve all of them. White hat link building method is considered professional, safe, and approved by Google. Black hat methods are frowned upon and are definitely not approved by Google. These black hat methods contain spamming links to try to get the website to rank higher in the search engines, but Google knows. This method has the potential to ban the website from ever showing up on Google.

There are many gigs offered on Fiverr to build backlinks. They usually only cost you $5, but you should never buy backlinks as you don’t know where your links are going. These links are low quality and can cripple your search engine ranking. They are most often placed on spammy websites.

Link exchange groups are another way to build up backlinks, but this is another method that Google does not like. The premise is to exchange links with other people to help each other rank on Google. It especially doesn’t work if you aren’t even in the same niche.


How to get backlinks in 5 easy steps

Step 1
The first step in creating backlinks is to find keywords in your niche that rank well. You will need a keyword research tool in order to determine good keywords for your niche such as Sem Rush or Keysearch. For the example below, I will be using the keyword ‘how to start a blog’ on Keysearch. As you can see, the competition for this keyword is moderate with the score of 48. It has a volume of 135,000. On the left side of the image, you can see the web pages that are ranking for this keyword. Take note of these pages and check them out.


Step 2
The second step to creating a backlink is creating an amazing piece of content. Once you have checked out the top pages that are ranking for the keyword you want to rank for, you’ll need to create a more amazing and better content than the ones that showed up. It needs to provide a ton of value. Perhaps you can put all the articles from each website together into one blog post in your own words and perspective.

Step 3
The third step in creating backlinks is to use the keyword tool again and check out all the backlinks that are linking to those top articles that showed up. Tools like Keysearch and Sem Rush  make it easy to do this. Make a list of all the websites that linked to the articles that ranked for the keyword.

Step 4
The fourth step is to contact all the websites that linked back to the articles that popped up for the keyword you are trying to rank for. This is where your amazing article will come in as you will be emailing them telling them that you read the article they linked to, but believe that your article is even better and that their audience will love it too. You’ll ask for a link back to your article. This is a long process, and there is a little chance that they will even respond which is why it’s so crucial to do a follow up also. Imagine getting just one of these high authority domains to link back to your article. It could do wonders for your business as they have already proven to help rank an article to the top with their backlink.

Step 5
Web 2.0 is another link building method. This is a grey hat tactic as it is between black hat and white hat methods. Web 2.0 link building is when you create blogs from other blogging platforms that link back to your blog. These platforms are usually high domain authority making it a great domain that links back to your blog. When done correctly, backlink can benefit your blog or website. In order to create good web 2.0 backlinks, your blog articles on those web 2.0 sites must give a lot of value and must also be original, thus making this a white hat method. Web 2.0 blog articles should be at least 500 words and must not be published anywhere else. They also should be in the same niche as your website so that Google finds it relevant and related. Web 2.0 backlinking done incorrectly are usually done with articles that are not original, or simply a website that contains no value that just links back to the website.

Here is a list of some web 2.0 platforms that can be used to create backlinks:


As you can see, getting backlinks all starts with creating great content. When your content is amazing, backlinks will happen. Amazing content are ones that are helpful and provide a ton of value. It doesn’t hurt either to do some outreach to try to have other websites link back to your content. Taking control of building up your backlinks can help generate more traffic to your website a lot quicker than waiting for people to find your website or blog. For more information relating to growing your website, check out the top 14 tools for bloggers and digital marketers.

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    I have been following similar steps to get back links and I think the way you explain it is great!! It’s hard to get ahead when people ask you to pay for backlinks that lead to a website not related to your blog. You have a lot of great points here. Would love to become blog beasties lol. You can find me at 💜

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