How to gain weight in muscles

A few misconceptions I want to go over… You can not lose weight and tone at the same time. It is impossible. Everyone’s point of view on toning is different. I simply do not like that word tone.

[fitness_blockquote align=”right”]you must eat on a caloric surplus and lift weights.[/fitness_blockquote]When you get down to a low enough body fat, then you can focus on “toning” aka building muscle. In order to do this, you must eat on a caloric surplus and lift weights. Ladies, let’s make this clear… lifting weights will not make you look like a man!

Gaining muscle weight is a completely different mind set from weight loss because you have to eat A LOT! You can not build muscle if you do not eat on a calorie surplus. To gain 1lb a week, one must eat 3500 calories above their maintenance. Any weight gain during muscle building stage that is more than 1lb a week comes with fat. So it is crucial to adjust accordingly if you are gaining more than 1lb a week. Sometimes carbs do play a role at weight gain because of the water it carries so it takes at least 3 weeks to settle before actually knowing your actual weight. This happens to some people, not all. Everyone has different bodies.

Build a lean, chiseled body in just 12 weeks! Body Beast is my favorite lifting program fuses old-school and new-school resistance training with a major breakthrough in sports science: Dynamic Set Training. Sagi shows you the moves to do, the foods to eat, and the habits to develop, to finally get the body you want.

body beast transformation

This is me after I lost weight on the left and the right is of my Body Beast transformation. The difference in this picture is a weight gain of 15 lbs.

If you are ready to tone or build muscle with my favorite program, contact me.

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