How to start a digital marketing agency with ClickFunnels

March 23, 2019
sales funnel

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Some people freelance, while other people start an agency. When you freelance, you are usually exchanging your time for money and you are a one man or woman operation. An agency has a system and usually has several people to make things run, allowing the business owner to have more time freedom. An agency also allows for more passive income stream as other people are doing the tasks to run the business. If you are freelancing now, and want more time freedom, start thinking about turning your business into an agency.

There are different types of agencies that can be started. Some of these include a general marketing agency, an advertising agency, a web design agency, a social media agency, and a lead generating agency. There are many other types of agencies, but these are the most popular. A lead generating agency using ClickFunnels is fairly new. Try ClickFunnels free for 14 days here. An agency should solve a client’s problem. The number one most common problem that many businesses have is acquiring more customers, which is why if you want to start a digital marketing agency today, you should start a lead generating agency, as it is one of the best business models. A lead generating agency can also generate a residual monthly income, as businesses will want to continue on with the service if they want leads to keep coming, unlike a web design agency which is usually a one time build for a website.

Starting a digital marketing agency that generates leads is fairly new and you can easily dominate your local area, as there aren’t many competitors doing this type of agency yet. You can choose to work with specific niches only so that you can use the same product for each client allowing you to make setups super fast and easy as it has already been done. You don’t have to limit yourself to your local area either, and you can provide your service nationwide. It is best to stick to the same niches so that you can perfect your targeting.

Starting a digital marketing agency usually involves somewhat of the same system no matter what type you are starting. You don’t need a brick and mortar office. You can conduct your business from anywhere and hire people from all over the world remotely. You’ll need to hire a sales team or a sales person if you aren’t doing the selling yourself. The good part about hiring sales people is that it is usually commission based so you don’t have to pay them unless they make a sale. Industry standard for a sales person is around 20% commission. In fact, you can pay some of your workers on a per project basis. Other positions needed are for marketing, client manager, online business manager, and the builder. The builder is who makes the magic happen. They are responsible for producing the product. In the case of the lead generating agency, the builder is the funnel builder. Ironically, since this business is a lead-generating agency, your builder could be generating your own leads for you and you won’t have to hire a sales person. You could chose to take on any of these other positions required to save more money, but if you want more freedom, hiring out is the best.

So you’re probably wondering what exactly is a lead generating agency and how do you start this type of digital marketing agency with ClickFunnels? There are these online pages called landing pages and sales funnels. They serve a specific purpose and that is to get the end user to opt-in to something like an email list or to buy something. Have you ever heard the motto that “the money is in the list”? That’s because when you have someone’s email, you can provide value and promote to him or her when you want. ClickFunnels  is what is used to create these pages. There is no confusion in what needs to be done when you land on one of these pages, unlike a website. A website has a lot of things going on and very rarely converts to sales because there is no specific navigation to the end user. This is why many businesses with a website wonder why they don’t have any leads and why this lead generating agency solves the problem.

In order for these businesses to acquire new leads, you’ll have to build the funnels with ClickFunnels, and then use either Google Ads or Facebook Ads to target their clients. Remember when I suggested sticking with the same niches? This is because your clients will be in the same industry, and you can target the same audience and use the same funnel with very little work. This creates a system. You set it up once, and keep using the same system. So if you are hiring your funnel builder, you technically only need to hire them once to build per niche. Below is an example on how these funnels work.

dentist sales funnel

Example of a sales funnel for a dentist

Many businesses have the idea that they should be making the money upfront right away and that’s why there aren’t returning customers because their marketing plan doesn’t go on to think about the long run. In a sales funnel, the upfront sales usually just break even with the advertising cost, in fact it may lose some money, but it’s in the backend that starts to generate more money. The front end is just the cost to acquire the lead, but the backend is what allows for upsells and profit. Take the dentist funnel as an example. Let’s say you have a client that is a dentist and you suggest to them to provide free teeth cleaning to the leads that opt in to the funnel. The dentist may be shocked at this free teeth cleaning suggestions, but they don’t understand how it can benefit them in the long run until you show the. When they provide the free teeth cleaning, the money spent on ads is what costs to bring in those leads. Now, we all know that when you go to the dentist, they’ll tell you to come back in 6 months and usually book this appointment already immediately after the office visit. That returning visit will be the profit, and every 6 months they will be receiving profit for teeth cleaning from that customer. Imagine acquiring just one new customer for their business that sees them forever? Now imagine acquiring 10 of these customers. How much would that be worth that dentist? It surpasses the initial cost to acquire that lead. Now say that a lead comes in for their free teeth cleaning, but turns out they need teeth whitening, a retainer, cosmetic work, and other services? How much profit in upsells does that generate the dentist? Would they want to continue using your service to bring them in more leads? Of course! And that’s why this business can have a monthly retainer from your clients allowing you to have monthly residual income that you set up once and just change a few small things here and there.

As you can see, this type of digital marketing agency with ClickFunnels is very valuable to many businesses because it actually produces them profit. A regular marketing agency could just be building other businesses brand awareness, creating graphics, and hoping that new customers are acquired. A lead generating agency acquires customers and creates profit that compounds to more and more profit overtime. You can see the case studies on using ClickFunnels for an agency here. If you would like to learn more on how to create funnels, and get step-by-step examples, this book will teach you everything. It’s free, just pay the small shipping fee.

how to start a digital marketing agency with clickfunnels

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