How to write an about me page for a blog

March 11, 2020

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After someone lands on one of your blog articles, you can bet that the number one page people head on over to next on your blog is your about me page.

Your about me page is where first impressions happen. The person reading your about me page will either like you, dislike you, or don’t care for you. It would be great if they loved you after reading your about me page. Ultimately, this is what we strive for, but sometimes they can dislike us.

There is a big difference between dislike you or don’t care for you. When someone decides they dislike you, that means you triggered them in a way and possibly can have them snooping around your blog still or even go through your social media. They could even eventually love you over time. It does happen. If they don’t care for you then they will just close the page thus causing a high bounce rate on your blog. In a way, the about me page is how you can build your credible brand.

The about me page is truly where the knowledge of copywriting shines. With great copywriting, you can move people. Amazing brands move people. Moving people is how you make sales. Marketing is simply the act of changing one’s belief. Think about the last time you opened your wallet to order something online. You were emotionally moved to changing your beliefs. That’s what we want to do to our about me page. We want to write an about me page for a blog that builds our brand to make people feel something and then take action.

What is the objective of your blog?

Before diving into who you are, you want to be able to tell your readers exactly what your blog is about.

What value do you give your readers?

In short, the value you give to your readers is what you need to address first. Why should someone read your blog? Why should they stick around and peruse your other blog posts? And ultimately, why should they subscribe to your content? Getting clear on this is going to shape the actual foundation of your whole blog, not just your about me page. They don’t know you yet, so they don’t really care about who you are. What they want to know is what knowledge can you give to them.

Who is your blog for?

Get clear on who your blog is for. You don’t cater to everyone. When you cater to everyone, it’s hard to make a sale as each person wants something different from you. If you cater to a specific type of person, it’s easier to sell something in the masses as you are always talking in a way that those type of people can understand you. In a way, this is very similar to building a niche.

On my about me page on my blog, the very first thing I mention is who my blog is for:

I created this blog to share my knowledge in building active and passive income online in hopes to inspire other people to build a life and a business that they are fiercely obsessed with.

Becoming the attractive character

The second step to building your about me page for your blog is to figure out your attractive character story. Good marketers know how to tell their story so that they become the attractive character. Below are the foundations to building your attractive character story.


You need to write your about me page for your blog where you become the attractive character. You’ll have to tell people about your background. People must know where you came from. If you just tell people where you are at now or what you do, they can’t make the emotional connection.

Example: If you met someone really fit, you would just assume that they workout and watch what they eat. You probably assume that they have been doing it forever or that they are gifted with great genes.

However, if you knew their back story, you would feel differently about them. What if they told you that they used to be overweight, were told by doctors that they need to get their act together or they will die. What would you think about them? You would see them differently right? For some, this scenario could even form a connection. Either way, the story does move people.


Your parable is a story that your attractive character has. You have the ability to use what has happened in your life to teach and inspire people. Most people dismiss this, but you can move people and make sales with your story. You can have many different parables that relate to what you are selling and how you want to portray your attractive character.

Character Flaws

An attractive character shares their flaws. No one wants to read about someone perfect. People want to be able to relate to a character. In the movies you watch and the books you read, there are always character flaws. It’s what gives the character dimension and it makes them more interesting. Imagine reading a book or watching a movie without character flaws, would you even continue with the story? It’s probably downright boring!


As humans, we tend to have this belief where we don’t want to offend anyone so we stay on the safe side. An attractive character stands their ground on their beliefs, despite what other people think of them. The person reading can either relate, agree, or disagree. If the person has no stance on their belief then we really don’t remember them.

Example: Donald Trump has many people who like and dislike him. People either relate, agree, or disagree with his belief. He is an attractive character to the ones that agree with him. Even when people disagree with his beliefs, people still sure remember him – now that is good branding right there!

The attractive character is covered in more detail in Dot Com Secrets, a free book.

Your Journey

Every great story follows a guideline. It follows the journey of the hero. You want to write your about me page for your blog with this guideline.

The character background

The first part of the guideline is all about the character. We’ve established all about how to build up the storyline of an attractive character from above. This is where you tell people about your background, what you have gone through, your flaws, and what you believe and stand for.

The desire

The second part of the story is all about your desire. This is the part where you determine what you are longing for. Sometimes it could be your objective for your blog or perhaps where you want to go in your business.

The conflict

The third part is the conflict you have come across. There is always a conflict or roadblock to every story. Just like in every movie or book you read, this is the part where things go downhill and not go according to plan. All great stories have this. The stories that don’t have this are boring and you probably won’t finish it. We need the conflict in order to get that happy ending or that ending of feeling accomplished.

The accomplishment

The last part of your journey’s story is obviously accomplishing your desires despite the conflict you have come across. If you haven’t accomplished your desire and still going through your journey, you can tell people to follow along your journey as you build your blog or business.

Copywriting Structure

Copywriting is very important today as our attention span is really short now. It’s even shorter now because we live in an age where we can get answers quickly through a search using our mobile phones. We have to keep it simple and we have to grab the attention quickly.


The most important copy for your about me page for your blog is your headline. The headline is what grabs the attention and either makes or breaks someone to read the rest of your about me page. You want this to jump out. Think of it as the first impression of meeting you, except it’s what someone first reads on your about me page on your blog.

Paragraph body

Going off with our short attention spans these days, paragraph bodies should be kept to a minimum. It is hard to read long paragraphs, especially on a mobile phone. Mobile phones happen to be the majority of the device that views things online now. By keeping paragraphs short, it allows for easier readability.

The call to action (CTA)

The biggest thing that many people forget on their about me page on their blog is the call to action. Why dismiss the most important part of the whole page?

The about me page isn’t just about getting to know you. You’ve built up this whole story on why people should read your blog, and the story about you, for the very reason that they should take action by subscribing to your mailing list or moving them into a sale. Dismissing the call to action is a lost opportunity as the about me page is one of the most-read pages on every blog.

Putting your about me page for your blog together

In short, you want to figure out the value you bring to people and let them know about it. To capture someone’s attention quickly, make sure that your headline is a great one as it is the first impression they are making of you. Immediately following, describe clearly who your blog is for to capture those that really should be a follower of your work.

Creating the attractive character is what will help you tell your story and your brand. The attractive character can also be told many times through all your marketing collaterals. You probably know the story of the people and brands that you love because they have told their story so many times with their background, desire, conflict, and accomplishment.

By leading with your attractive character, you can tell the story of your journey. Once your story has been fully read and has made the reader feel something, it’s time for that call to action and ask to subscribe to your email list or move them into a sale.

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