I’m being too salesy

December 12, 2017
im being salesy

I’ve had so many people come to me that they are scared about being ‘salesy’. Is this you?

The world runs on sales. Everything is an exchange. Literally, EVERYTHING. Everything you own was because of sales so why feel guilty about selling?

I used to be scared about selling when I first started on my entrepreneurial journey. I was scared about what other people thought about me, but I quickly pushed through these fears and started selling. I started selling because I believed in what I had to offer. It didn’t matter what others thought about me because their thoughts didn’t pay me. No one really has time to think that you are being too salesy because they are too worried about their own life.

Because I pushed past the idea of being too salesy, my life completely changed. It’s a bit funny typing that right now because I’ve never actually said that! I got in the best shape of my life because of sales. I got out of 35k+ debt because of sales. I now travel often because of sales. And I connect with others because of sales. I help others make money because of sales.

The problem is your mindset and most likely what you are trying to sell if you believe you are being too salesy. If you are trying to sell something that isn’t in alignment with you, then yes, you will think you are too salesy. If you’re trying to sell something that you think will make money, it will probably come off as salesy to you. If it doesn’t feel like a hell yes offering to you, then yes, it will be salesy to you.

Get the idea?

Work from alignment and flow and you won’t feel salesy. 

What offering are you working on right now and is it a hell yes to you?

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