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October 16, 2018

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Tailwind is commonly known as a Pinterest marketing tool, but did you know that Tailwind could be used for Instagram marketing too? Instagram is my favorite social media to make sales on because you can attract people to your brand with a single photo. When someone is drawn to the photo, they will read your content and that’s where the magic happens. Having Tailwind as an Instagram scheduling tool is a game changer as you can plan out your month’s content ahead of time and not have to worry. Already have a sales plan? You can layout the contents that lead up to your sales posts and see it visually on your Tailwind dashboard.

Say hello to your new social media manager

You can think of Tailwind as your social media manager. That’s how I think of it. Content is very crucial in running a brand and Tailwind for Instagram allows you to schedule your Instagram posts ahead of time. Not only does Tailwind let you schedule your posts ahead of the time like many other Instagram scheduling tools, but it also creates the optimal posting schedule based on your audience engagement, virality, traffic, and more. Rather than having to guess when your audience is on and when you should post, Tailwind basically takes the guesswork out for you. I haven’t heard of any Instagram scheduling tool that has this same feature that Tailwind has. This is one of the reasons why Tailwind is the best Instagram scheduler tool.

You can also manually schedule the time you want your content to post. You can bulk schedule content for your Instagram at once too. Everything is a simple drag and drop for scheduling. If you change your mind on when you want to post certain content, you’ll just have to drag it to where you want it to go. The app lets you schedule a post multiple times a day to your Instagram account so you aren’t constrained to posting only once a day like many other Instagram scheduling tool. Tailwind lets Business Profiles automatically post as it is an official Instagram partner integration.

Tailwind allows you to see exactly how your Instagram content will look once published on your profile with its nine grid preview. We all know that we judge profiles based on their appearance and if you didn’t know that, now you do! Think about it. You land on a profile and you’ve immediately gotten a first impression on that brand and you will either hit follow or leave so having this nine grid preview is very important in converting traffic to raving fans.

The best Instagram scheduler

The best Instagram scheduler is Tailwind. Want to know why you should have it as part of your Instagram marketing tool? Tailwind makes hashtags so easy! Up until now, I’ve always done my hashtag research manually ahead of time like many Instagram marketers.

Let me paint a picture for you of how I hashtag research before Tailwind. It’s not pretty and sometimes it can take a whole day if I just wanted to create all my hashtag templates.

For example, if I wanted to create a hashtag based on fitness, I would first research words related to fitness. For the sake of this example, we will just type fitness in Instagram’s tag search. I would then look through the hashtags that come up on the search and find the hashtags that have less than 500,000 posts because anything over that is just too fast and content will never make the top nine of that hashtag. The top nine posts on a hashtag are the trending posts with virality capabilities. If the post gets a lot of likes and comments within the hour of posting, it will show up on that top nine spot. It can then go viral from there. Once I find a hashtag that fits my criteria, I would add it to my notepad. I would continue doing my hashtag research until I found 30 hashtags to make a hashtag template. Thirty hashtags are what Instagram allows you to use, so you’ll want to use them all. You never want to use the same set of hashtags often because you want different people seeing your content and you do that by using different hashtags. I would repeat the hashtag process until I made a few sets of 30 hashtags.

Tailwind is the best Instagram scheduler that you should be using because of the hashtag feature. The hashtag feature that Tailwind has makes life so much easier. Tailwind is serious about your hashtag game as a marketer. It contains four categories for hashtags and these are niche, good, best, competitive. Niche may be a smaller audience, but it is a highly targeted audience. We all know what good hashtags and best hashtags stand for. Competitive hashtags are the high volume hashtags. These are the hashtags that contain over 500,000 hashtags that are wildly used by everyone and very generic. Chances are, our posts will never make it to that top nine spot if we use a hashtag that has so many posts.

With the Tailwind application, you can have a fresh selection of hashtags on every post and every time. There are hashtag suggestions that appear and refresh as you type whether you include hashtags or not. You can find even more hashtags by shuffling them or dismissing the ones that don’t work for you. When you hover over a hashtag, you can see how popular it is and decide whether you want to use it or not.

As you can see, Tailwind’s hashtag feature streamline the hashtag research right on the app without having to spend hours manually researching hashtags and creating sets of them. You can save your hashtags for future lists. After using Tailwind for a while, the hashtags will pre-populate your posts, but of course you can change it to whatever you want. Pre-populating just gives you a starting point.

Need a visual on how everything works? Below is a quick video on how Tailwind works with Instagram. If you’re ready to try out Tailwind, you can try scheduling your next 30 post for free here with this link.

Learn why you should be using Tailwind as part of your Instagram social media strategy. It is the best Instagram scheduler. #tailwind #instagram #instagramscheduler

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