Lead Funnels Swipe Files Review: Is It Worth It?

November 5, 2019
lead funnels

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Most businesses need leads or customers. And if your business is not getting enough of them, then ClickFunnels might be the very solution. What is Clickfunnels by the way? What does it do? How can it generate leads for your business?

We can talk for hours about this. But to put this simply, Clickfunnels is an online web page builder software that was specifically created to help build online sales funnels for every type of business that sells a product or service. It simplifies selling and online marketing by offering funnel options to users that are predefined for a particular product. It helps your visitors to ultimately become customers. How cool is that? Very!!

Lead Funnels

ClickFunnels enables people to grow their businesses through sales funnels.  It’s all about creating stunning sales funnels that convert visitors into customers. Fortunately, ClickFunnels created Lead Funnels, an ebook product that offers 114 proven lead generation funnels which you can swipe as your own to skyrocket your sales. You might want to ask? Will that really help my business? The good news is the funnels provided are very simple.

In 2-page to 3-page funnels, you’ll get to have the leads generated by ClickFunnels. With 114 proven case studies, you’ll definitely have one which you can model for your own business. Of course, you can tweak it a little for your specific offers. Getting excited with this product? Let’s go review its features and how you can make the most out of it!

What exactly is Lead Funnels?

Lead Funnels is an e-book which you can purchase for only $7. It contains lead generation funnel swipes for 114 proven high-converting funnels. The e-book has a total of  172 pages divided into three chapters and another two dedicated for swipe funnels!

Basically, you will learn about Lead Funnels History, Lead Funnel Strategy, and Lead Funnel Implementation. The best parts of the e-book are the two more chapters sharing about the funnels and the landing pages. 

For a quick overview on what Lead Funnels is, you can check out this 10-minute video below. 

What kind of businesses should get Lead Funnels?

Whatever your business is, you know it’s important to generate leads. So if you’re interested in growing your business, whether you’re in Real Estate, Ecomm, or Fitness industry, Lead Funnels is for you. It has also been proven to successfully work for the following niches: 

  • Coaches
  • Franchises
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Diet
  • Sports
  • Consultants
  • Health
  • Financial
  • Musicians
  • Cooking
  • Astrology
  • Dentists
  • Supplements
  • Attorneys
  • Newsletters
  • Masterminds
  • Healing
  • Gym Owners
  • Beauty
  • Agencies
  • MLM
  • Traffic
  • Podcasting

Simply put, all businesses need a high converting funnel to generate leads on a regular basis.

In fact, before getting this e-book, you must already have known about ClickFunnels. It’s an online sales funnel builder that helps most businesses, if not all, market, sell, and deliver their products online. It provides users with funnel options that are pre-built for a specific business, product, or service.

If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one here. ClickFunnels is giving out a 14-day free trial so you can start playing around building your funnels. As you go along, you’ll get to experience, learn, and realize how amazing this software actually is! 

Lead Generation Funnel as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

First and foremost, we have to establish the fact that one of the most effective marketing strategies is email marketing. Initially, you would need to have a lead magnet. It is a free offer that entices people to give you their email address. The lead generation funnel is the funnel that gets the user to opt-in with their email address. 

There are other ways of generating more leads online for your business, but having a software that will help you generate leads through funnels is a great option. ClickFunnels is a reliable choice, especially for those who do not have a website. You can just drag and drop, and you’ll be able to create a sales funnel that will draw users to get your free offer and ultimately grow your email list. 

Why is it Important to Build Your Email List?

If there’s one thing you truly own to grow your business, it’s your email list. It’s not your followers, subscribers, or the likes you get in each of your post. At anytime, these followers or subscribers may disappear or the likes and comments may seem unimportant.

However, your email list will stay with you and you can use these leads to send them an autoresponder, follow up emails, and lead them to your site to purchase a product or avail the service you provide. If you continue to build your email list, then you will have more opportunities to turn those leads into sales!  

The Best Features of Lead Funnels 

  1. Review for Each Sales Funnel

It’s quite difficult to check if one funnel works for your especially if you’re just starting out. The good thing about each funnel provided by Lead Funnels is it has a review. The main topics you can look at are hook, story, and offer. What’s more? There’s a link to every funnel. This means you can actually check how the funnel works, and even opt-in and get their offer! Sweet deal! 

  1. Secret Strategies are Unlocked

Just when you think you know all about email marketing, this e-book will let you think otherwise. That’s because it unlocks more strategies for you! And if you’re a novice, you’ll definitely turn into a ‘pro’ right after reading the 172-page ebook. For only $7, you’ll get to learn about many secrets about email marketing and lead generation. That knowledge is yours forever! This is definitely worth the price! 

  1. More Features Available

If you’re willing to pay more, then you’ll definitely get more!!! They have this Order Bump offer for $37. It’s a one-time upgrade offer that unlocks more features including Russell’s special “behind the curtain” LIVE recorded training where each of the 106 lead funnels are broken down and 30 pre-designed “Share Funnel” templates.

For those who are not really into books or those who feel more comfortable and think they can understand more with a video tutorial, then the LIVE recorded training is a good investment. It’s a 2-hour training by the creator himself, Russell Brunson. It really helps build clarity on ClickFunnels and how you can supplement the lead generation funnels he introduced.

With the pre-designed Share Funnel templates, you can simply insert your own branding and messaging, and you’re good to go! The links to the templates are sent to your ClickFunnels account. Then, voila! You’ll just have to launch it and customize the messages a little. 

Ready for a Challenge?

If you’re new to this but you’re eager to learn more and come out with a good foundation on Leads Funnel, then you can take the One Funnel Away Challenge! It’s a 30-day challenge where you get to build your own sales funnel at the end of the challenge with help and coaching from Stephen Larsen, Julie Stoian, and Russell Brunson. It’s a step-by-step process that will truly guide you as you go along with the challenge. 

There are two kinds:

  1. One Funnel Away Challenge Physical Version

  2. One Funnel Away Challenge Digital Version 

Are you still confused with which products to buy? Check out the summary below: 

 Overview of the Products  

Product Lead Funnels Swipe File Lead Funnels Bump Offer One Funnel Away Challenge Physical Version One Funnel Away Challenge Digital Version
Price $7 $37 $100 + shipping $47
Features 172-page ebook with 114 sales funnel (reviews + links)  172-page ebook with 114 sales funnel (reviews + links)  30 days of Video Missions from Russell Brunson 30 days of Video Missions from Russell Brunson
LIVE Recorded Training by Russell Brunson  30 days of coaching from Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian 30 days of coaching from Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian
30 pre-designed share funnels One Funnel Away Challenged Customized Kit (30-day plan) 30 days of LIVE Group Coaching Calls And Accountability from Stephen Larsen
Physical Copy of the Challenge Workbook  30 Days Book – Digital 
MP3 Player One Funnel Away Workbook – Digital, posted daily 
30 Days Hardcover Book Original One Funnel Away Challenge Recordings – Digital
Unlimited Access to 30 days interviews 
Behind the Scenes – Two Comma Clubs Interviews

Why it’s important to have a successful funnel?

By looking at the products mentioned above, you would know that the Lead Funnels Swipe File is definitely worth more than $7. Getting examples of already successful funnels that would bring millions to your business should be worth over thousands. These successful funnels are expected not to stay there in the ebook pages, they are there ready for you to model.

A well-planned sales funnel is the backbone of every successful virtual business. What’s more if it’s already tested and proven? Then, it’s like saying you have a sure way to get those customers! Here are some of the reasons why having a successful sales funnel is important.

No Need for Guess Work

Customers are very sophisticated and meticulous nowadays. They take time to research, weigh their pros and cons, and only buy from trusted businesses. Creating a sales funnel that will truly target your customers may take a while. It’s going to be a long process of trial and error. With an already successful sales funnel, you take out the guess work. All you have to do is model any of the funnels provided which is close to your business, and you already have a sophisticated process to engage modern customers, give them options, and give them an impression that you are indeed a trusted business that’s safe to deal with.

Know How the Page Should Be Designed 

Customers don’t buy instantly. As much as we’d like to have our customers buy on the first time they land on our page, that’s not always the case. In fact, even if they do buy initially, it’s just the beginning of the sales and marketing process. What you need now is to know how to design a page that will catch your customers, wherever they are in the sales cycle.

Your page is integral in this process. It should be easy to navigate, can easily be understood, and should have the right details to catch any potential customers.  Designs tips are readily available if you take a look at how each sales funnel were designed and created.

You Can Check Out How Others Do It

The swipe file doesn’t just give out sales funnels, it also gives you the link to each sales funnel. This means you can opt in, get their free offer, and be part of their email list. That way, you can actually see other businesses’ email marketing. If you’re a newbie, then this would be very beneficial since you’ll know how email marketing works and even the content they send to their customers.

Now, It’s a proven fact that email subscribers convert easily and faster than other sales channel like Facebook. However, you’re only going to enjoy a high conversion rate if you have a successful sales funnel. The Lead Funnels Swipe File makes it possible for you. For Clickfunnels, it has generated 185,372 leads and gave them a hefty $20 million earnings in a year. So, what’s $7 dollars if you’ll earn even just a fraction of what they did?

Now, don’t you want to get hold of a $7-dollar ebook that rakes $20 million for a business? Definitely, YES! The keyword here is “MODEL.” You’ll get an e-book that contains successful sales funnels which you can model for your own business. It has secrets, strategies, and tips that are priceless. You won’t have to spend days, months, or even a year trying to figure out which sales funnel would make your business successful. It’s there! The best thing is, you don’t really have to break the bank to get a copy. You can get Lead Funnels Swipe Files here.  

lead funnels

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