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September 17, 2019
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Looking for a way to learn how to make money online? The 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge is for you if you want to make passive income online.

The Business Builder Challenge is a 15-day online course created by David Sharpe of Legendary Marketer. In Sharpe’s video intro, he introduces a business he likes to call “freelance digital marketing business”. In short, he refers to affiliate marketing and info products as digital freelance marketing, which is quite different from the regular “freelance” term we all know about. The normal freelance term is when someone provides a service in exchange for money like a graphic designer or a copywriter. David Sharpe’s “freelance digital marketing business” term is defined as selling high-ticket or monthly subscriptions through digital products.


What is affiliate marketing?

Now you may have no idea what affiliate marketing is. Affiliate marketing is the type of marketing where someone partner’s up with a company and helps promote their product. When the affiliate marketer sends traffic to the product and makes a sale, the affiliate marketer then makes a commission off that product. Some commissions go as high as 75%. Affiliate marketers never have to worry about inventory, returns, or customer service. The company that an affiliate marketer has partnered with does all the inventory, returns, and customer service, as it is their product. To read more about affiliate marketing, check out this blog post on How to Make $100 a day with affiliate marketing.


Why sell high-ticket?

Many people are afraid to sell a high-ticket item because of the perception that it is harder to sell something that is higher in price. In reality, it’s the same amount of work as selling low-ticket products. If you were to sell something, wouldn’t you want a higher commission when you sell one item compared to getting a few dollars on a lot ticket item? One high-ticket item could cover someone’s monthly expense. If you are using advertisement to promote a product, you should be making more than the advertising spend to be in profit. It doesn’t make sense to put in $500 in advertising spend, only to make $50 from one person. It’s better profit when you spend $500 in advertisement, and come out with a $1,000 commission or more.


Why sell monthly subscription products?

Monthly subscription products help you to gage your income for the month. If you know that 10 people are on a monthly plan and you are getting $97 commission from each person, that is $997 you can look forward to for the month and don’t have to stress out on trying to make money. When you multiply that monthly commission by 12 months, then the income is a lot larger and you can see the bigger picture of why it is worth it to sell a monthly subscription product compared to a one-time product.


What’s in the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge?

There are 15 modules for the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge by Legendary Marketer. Each module contains at least a training or lesson video. Some modules have more videos than the others. There are also assignments for the day to take action on. You will have to checkmark that you have completed the module for the day in order to move on to the next module. The next module will open up next the next morning. You will receive a reminder text when it does open up so you don’t forget.

In the first few modules, you are encouraged to schedule a call with your business advisor. The advisor is someone from Legendary Marketer who can help you with your questions and help guide you. These advisors also have a well established business. By the fourth day, you have to schedule a call with your business advisor, as they are the only one that can unlock your next module. You will be sent to a calendar in which you can schedule your call. The blocked time for your call is 10 minutes. There is another time during the challenge where your advisor has to unlock your modules and to do that, you have to schedule another call with them. The calls are quick unless you have questions.

The challenge also includes a Facebook group where you can ask questions and get guidance. David Sharpe also does weekly coaching video calls on Friday mornings. There are also calls Monday to Friday mornings by other experts.


What do you learn in the Business Builder Challenge?

Module 1 is all about the secret to building a high ticket, high profit business online. In this training, you will learn the exact steps on how people are really making the sales online. You’ll also need to fill out your digital marketing assessment test.

Module 2 is about the core four high-ticket business models online. This lesson is very important as you will learn the 3 profit activators.

Module 3 shows you how to build your business in 30 minutes using ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is the software that you will be using to create landing pages for your offers. Check out this blog post on What is ClickFunnels?

Module 4 is how to master your inner wealth. It’s all about money mindset. We grew up to a certain mindset about money and as entrepreneurs, that’s one of the things that need to change. Rich Dad Poor Dad is a great book for reframing this money mindset. This module is the module that requires scheduling a call with a business advisor in order to unlock the other lessons.

Module 5 is all about developing your business plan. You will get a video lesson on this as well as a pdf that you can fill out to map out your business plan. The business plan really makes you think about who your audience is, how you are going to reach them, how much money you are going to invest in your business monthly, and what skills you will need to master.

Module 6 answers lingering questions that many people have. This day is when Legendary Marketer will offer their Business Blueprint bundle.

Module 7 is geared towards answering when you should quit your job. This question comes up often in the entrepreneurial world and the video answers this.

Modules 8-11 are all about the high-income skills you need to have. These lessons are so important as these skills are what will make you the profit.

Module 12 answers the question when to outsource and what to outsource. Again, this is another great lesson. We are in business for ourselves, but we don’t have to do it by ourselves.

Module 13 will teach you different ways to make money to fund your business, aside from your job as many people find starting a business as an expense rather than an investment. You will receive a pdf of all the different ways you can start side hustling for your side hustle.

Module 14 is all about how to avoid being a wantapreneur. This is a lesson all about how to avoid losing money, goal setting, and setting commitments.

Module 15 is a closing lesson all about your future and adding value to peoples lives.


How can Business Builder Challenge improve?

The only thing I didn’t like about the challenge was waiting around for the business advisor call as I couldn’t get a call till a few days later, which means my next lessons were not unlocked for several days.

Other than that, the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge by Legendary Marketer is a lot of bang for your buck as it is only $7. This challenge provides so much value and includes so many things for only $7. It is a good rundown on how to build a high-ticket affiliate marketing business. Not only is it good for affiliate marketing, but it also works for many digital marketing businesses out there as the concept is the same when it comes to marketing online.


What’s next after taking the Business Builder Challenge?

Many students go on to pick their niche and start their “digital freelance marketing business”. Many also go on to purchase the Business Blueprints which can be found when you purchase the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge. Some people enjoy the training so much that they want to become an affiliate marketer for Legendary Marketer.  If you would like to become an affiliate for Legendary Marketer, it is suggested to take the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge first so that you know what you are promoting. Legendary Marketer does not approve everyone to be an affiliate as they want their business to have a lot of integrity.


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