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February 28, 2019
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Greeting! How has the start of your new year been?

Mine has been great! I traveled for two weeks to South East Asia, particularly Cambodia and Thailand. Angkor Wat has been on my bucket list for a while and I figured that the husband and I should just head to Thailand too since we were already going to be on that side of the world. We had a great time on our trip. I like to travel to South East Asia in January because it’s the coolest month of the year. Lucky for us, the weather was tolerable. Siem Reap can get really hot though, but it just felt like summers back home. Phuket was humid, while Chiang Mai was perfect.

While we were having a grand time with monkeys on the beach, feeding elephants at a sanctuary, and seeing temples that were built in the 12th century, I was thinking about how my lifestyle has completely changed from a few years ago. A few years ago, I was just sitting at a cubicle scared that my life would look like that forever – being stuck, feeling unfulfilled, and being redundant.

Time has definitely changed, and people can now make money while traveling the world. We live in amazing times because of the internet. I was having a discussion with the husband whether people traveled all the time before the 2000s and we never heard of it because social media wasn’t really a thing back then, or if the rise of travel has been happening because of the way we can leverage information and making money online.

It sure sounds like people travel all the time these days. There are so many travel bloggers and vloggers sharing their journeys around the world with people online. I think it’s amazing that I can find so many ideas for my upcoming adventures through a blog, but how do other people make money while traveling?

There are so many different ways to make money while traveling. Below are a few job and business opportunities that you can start so you can take control of your life and start traveling more often.

Freelance and Consulting
Freelancing and consulting are probably the biggest two when it comes to being able to make money while traveling. The best fields to go in for freelancing and consulting is marketing and anything that has to do with helping others build businesses online. Web development, graphic design, video editing, and SEO are huge opportunities for freelancing. Many digital nomads are in this realm. You can bid on jobs using UpWork as well as building your own freelance or consulting business. You can find freelance gigs from Facebook Groups also. A great place to start learning skills for freelance is Lynda.

Remote Work
Similar to freelancing, you can be hired by an employer who lets you work out of the office. This lets you have a steady paycheck if you don’t want to be worried on when your next paycheck will come. It’s similar to working at an actual place, but different in that you have more freedom in location. Find a place with a good wifi and you can work and travel anywhere. Job examples for remote work include marketing and data entry. There are many more job types that offer remote work.

Teach English Online
Teaching English online has been popular for a few years now. Asian countries want their children to be taught English so they go through a company where they are provided a teacher that teaches them English. The average pay for teaching students English is usually $20 an hour.

Photographer and Videographer
What’s a better way to see the world than to document via photography or video? Have a passion for photography or videography? Being a wedding photographer or videographer is usually a great way to see the world and get paid while doing it too. Other photography and videography jobs can include working with brands to capture what they need. You can also edit photos and videos from anywhere. If you have some great photos or video clips, you can also sell them online so you can also generate some passive income. Adobe is what most professionals use for photography and video editing.

Affiliate Marketing
One of the best ways to make money online is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing does not require having your own product or your own service. Have you ever raved about a certain item you’ve bought before and told every one you knew about it? That’s exactly how affiliate marketing works. Love a certain brand? You can be a spokesperson for them. It’s a great source for passive income, especially when you pair it with YouTube, a blog, and funnels. Check out this blog post to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners.

Youtube & Blogging
YouTubers and bloggers create content. They pair their blogs or YouTube channels with several different income streams. Some of these income streams include affiliate marketing, sponsorships, consulting, selling a product, ads, and so much more. This form of business can generate passive and active income streams, which is the best of both worlds. Check out this tutorial on how to start a WordPress blog to make money.

Dropshipping is having your very own online store that does not require upfront product inventory. A dropshipping business model is when a customer orders a product from your website, and you place the order with your supplier of that product. Your supplier is the one that sends the product directly to your customer. You usually make 30%-40% profit with each sale. This is a great business model that can be passive in sales, but you’ll have to manually fulfill the order, or simply hire a virtual assistant to do that work for you. Then you can have a blast while traveling and fully make the business passive for yourself. Wayfair is an example of a dropshipping store. I’ve ordered things from the Home Depot that seemed to be dropshipped too. If you would like to start a dropshipping store, check out this tutorial on how to start an online store without inventory.

Amazon FBA
Everyone knows what Amazon is, but did you know that the things being sold on Amazon are from other businesses? You send your products to Amazon’s fulfillment center. They fulfill the product ordered and send it out to your customer who ordered from Amazon’s website. It’s similar to dropshipping where you still aren’t packaging it yourself, but you do have to buy the products in bulk ahead of time.

Airbnb is a service in which people can book vacation rentals. The property does not need to be a designated vacation property, but can be a suite, studio, or even just a room in the house. Many people are making a full-time income putting portions of their home on Airbnb. There are even many reports of people who make more money listing their place on Airbnb than actually using their property as a regular rental unit. You can travel the world while you put your place on Airbnb, but unlike a rental unit, you’ll have to have someone clean in between guests while you are away. Here’s $55 towards your first stay at an Airbnb if you’ve never tried staying at one before.

There are so many ways to make money online. The beauty of living in today’s world is that we literally can start something if we have access to the internet. I hope I’ve provided you with some ideas on how to make an income online so that you can travel more often.

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