Meal Plan Portions

21 day fix containers

Proper portions are everything

I have so many people tell me that that are eating healthy, but can’t lose weight. I also have people tell me that they can’t eat healthy because they are always hungry. Do you fall in either of those situations?  This is easily fixed! It is because you are not eating proper portions nor are you eating proper macro nutrients. Beachbody’s most popular program, the 21 Day Fix, easily fixes these problems.

The 21 day fix is designed to lose up to 15 lbs in just 21 days. They are 30 minute workouts with containers that teaches you how to eat proper portions. The containers are color coded and broken down by macronutrients as follows:

Orange = fats & and extra one to hold dressings
Blue = carb, fat, protein combination type foods
Red = protein
Purple = fruit carb
Yellow = starch carb
Green = vegetable carb

You get a booklet with a food list broken down by macronutrients and have a set amount of containers to eat depending on your calorie calculation. So for example, oatmeal would go in a yellow container, the amount that fits in there is what you can eat.  It teaches proper food portioning and when you are getting the correct amount of food your body will give better results.

21 day fix taco salad

Here is an example of how to use the 21 Day Fix containers. This 21 Day Fix taco salad uses one green container, 1 red container, and one blue container. The green container fits kale, purple cabbage, and tomatoes. The red container fits ground turkey, while the blue has half avocado and half shredded cheese.

Ready to set your nutrition straight, you can get your 21 Day Fix now or contact me and let’s talk about your goals. Want to know more in depth about the 21 Day Fix?


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