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10 business models you can do from home

10 online business models

Goodbye industrial age! Hello information age! We live in the greatest era for business opportunities that can be done from home or anywhere for that matter so long as you have an internet connection. Isn’t that so amazing? Now more people can be intentional about their lives and build a business around their life, rather than live their lives around a job. Many people have started to pick up on this wave and have started their side hustles. Many have…

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Let your soul work flow

entrepreneur desk

I’m sitting here thinking what do I want to do with my business. For years I have been holding back on a lot of things because I thought that I had to choose one thing. It’s been a struggle because I am multi passionate! That’s just me! My brain goes at this rapid pace with so many ideas and strategies that I need to just release it and help others out. After all, no matter what I do, it all…

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10 books that changed my life

the compound effect

“Leah, how are you so motivated?” I often get this question all the time. I am motivated because I have lived a stagnant life and I never want to go back there again. What is my secret to my life change? A part of it is plugging into some personal development books! When I started coaching, our trainings always said to read personal development books. I read two to three books when I first started coaching and then I thought…

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