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Branding your business to be you


Branding isn’t just about your colors, your logo, or your website. Although those play a part in attracting people, branding isn’t just about the visuals like many people think. Those visuals catch the eye for people to stop scrolling, but it’s your core message that makes people love or hate you. It’s the message that makes them click follow and eventually buy. Branding can be easy and effortless if you brand your business to be you. It doesn’t have to be…

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What social media platform should have your time?

social media

The world of social media can be confusing to those who are first starting out in their business. There are so many social media platforms and it can get very overwhelming figuring out which ones to be on. Should you be on all of them? Absolutely not, but you can automate them so if you post on one, it posts on the others. Distributing content via automation can get your content out there, but if you are not spending time…

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High vibe is everything


Do you see someone online and just think ‘Wow, they are so high vibe! How do they do it?’ How do they have so much energy that they are radiating it out of my phone or laptop? (insert lights glowing and vibrational energies lol) You feel it right? Ever get drawn to someone’s post on social media because of her energy? Ever hit follow because of that? Chances are, you have! How can I be high vibe like that all…

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Are you burned out?

burned out

Feeling stressed? Burned out? Too much hustle? This seems to be the topic going on around in the entrepreneurial community recently. The following questions below are ones to ask yourself so you can figure out what is aligned with you so that burnout happens less often in your business and in your life. How do you want to run your business? How much time do you want to work? How much time do you want to play? Truth is, if…

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How to become that must follow brand

must follow brand

You want more visibility. You want more soul mate clients. You want more sales. You’ve been at this business for a while and you’ve spent a lot of money on trainings about the strategies for making more sales.Yet, you’re still there hearing crickets. What sets one business from another? It’s the brand. It’s the voice. It’s the message. It’s the feeling. People buy because of the emotional connection. So you’re here reading this because you want to become THE brand…

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10 business models you can do from home

10 online business models

Goodbye industrial age! Hello information age! We live in the greatest era for business opportunities that can be done from home or anywhere for that matter so long as you have an internet connection. Isn’t that so amazing? Now more people can be intentional about their lives and build a business around their life, rather than live their lives around a job. Many people have started to pick up on this wave and have started their side hustles. Many have…

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Let your soul work flow

entrepreneur desk

I’m sitting here thinking what do I want to do with my business. For years I have been holding back on a lot of things because I thought that I had to choose one thing. It’s been a struggle because I am multi passionate! That’s just me! My brain goes at this rapid pace with so many ideas and strategies that I need to just release it and help others out. After all, no matter what I do, it all…

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