Blog Installation


Let us install your blog for you so you can launch in days, not weeks or months!



This is for a blog installation. We’ll install a WordPress blog theme of your choice and get it all configured and ready for the web. We’ll get in touch with you within 72 hours and have your website up within 72 hours after that. Why have us install for you? Simple. You’d rather save your time and create your content, rather than trying to figure out tech stuff that you’ve never done before. Launch your blog within days… not weeks or months! Time is money!

What you get with this blog installation:

  • WordPress template theme installed onto your hosting.
  • Website configured for blogging.
  • Necessary WordPress plugins that benefit your blog and marketing (Google Analytics, SEO, etc.)

What you need before we can get started on the project:

This installation does not include restyling – changing colors, creating logo, creating brand, etc. Please see premade brand templates in our shop if you would like to restyle your blog installation.

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