SITEGROUND I can’t recommend SiteGround enough for my web hosting. Since switching to them, my site has always been up and running and I’ve had many websites over the years so I know the different options out there. Their customer service is top notch and answer super fast.

SHOPIFY Makes running an ecommerce business super easy with Shopify. With a click of a button, you can have your store up and running in no time. You don’t need to know coding and there are lots of apps to help your store.

ELEGANT THEMES  There are lots of WordPress themes to chose from Elegant Themes. Their most popular Divi theme is changing the web design industry. You can literally build a site to your liking without knowing code with the Divi theme. It’s so versatile.

THEME FOREST This place is one of my go to for choosing the perfect WordPress theme for my needs. Theme Forest also carry ecommerce themes such as ones for Shopify. You can also find other templates on this site that will fit all your marketing needs.

NAMECHEAP Register your domain with Namecheap for your website or blog.

Branding & Marketing

ACTIVE CAMPAIGN This email marketing platform is magical and lets you create awesome email sequences. Active Campaign is my favorite out of all the other ones I have tried out. You can even set it to trigger an email to someone who has been to a certain page on your website as long as they are on your list already.

CLICKFUNNELS There is no other funnel system out there that can compete with Click Funnels. Build landing pages, squeeze pages, tripwires, upsells, anything you want! There’s a reason why this company went multimillion dollar so fast. It’s because they know the marketing that needs to be done behind the scenes.

ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE The only suite you will ever need to help you with your brand’s look. Edit your photos, design your marketing, compose your videos, create books and pdfs, etc. Adobe does it all.

MASTIN LABS A powerful Adobe Lightroom preset that makes photographs look like film photography. Ever wonder how to get your photos to look like those amazing photos you see on Instagram? It’s with Lightroom presets and Mastin Labs happens to be the top in photography filters. It is a great product to brand your photography across all your social media channels and marketing. They also have an app called Filmborn that can be used on the phone.

TAILWIND The perfect tool to generate more traffic to your website/blog or ecommerce store via Pinterest. This tool let’s you automatically pin your articles so that it is always showing up on feeds. This is the #1 tool most bloggers use to generate their traffic.

KEYSEARCH This SEO tool is great for letting you know how easy or hard it is to rank for the keyword you want to do. It also gives alternative keywords to rank for instead. It comes in very handy when you are trying to rank your ecommerce store or blog/website on Google’s front page.

Outsourcing & Team Management

ONLINEJOBS.PH One of the World’s largest online marketplaces to find and hire “rock star” Filipino workers. Hire great workers at an unbeatable price. Why look to hire from the Philippines? You’ll find countless options as you search for virtual help to support your business. But basic cultural traits, advanced education, and proficient English make Filipinos the ideal virtual workers. They can’t be beat!

FIVERR You may already be familiar with Fiverr, but it’s a HUGE marketplace to outsource work for virtually anything.

HUBSTAFF This software that lets you track all your team’s hours, making it super easy for you to pay them. Your team can also invoice you with this app or simply set on autopay. It takes screenshots of their screen as they are working so it’s guaranteed that they are working on your things for the hours tracked. You can assign tasks and it tracks the hours worked on those different tasks. This tool can sync with other management software. I personally have this linked with Asana to track my team’s hours.


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