The Spark Project

spark project

Does this sound like you?


Uncomfortable in your own skin


Feeling hopeless

Always tired

Very negative

Just going through the motions, barely living

Wonder if this who you would be for the rest of my life

Introducing The Spark Project

A thirty day health, fitness, and mindset program created to help you take control of your life and find the happiness and confidence you have been longing for.

Why Me?

For six years I wanted to lose 15 lbs. In those six years, I always did a quick fix and never got the results I wanted. I felt insecure and uncomfortable in my own skin. I felt hopeless and was always tired which lead to my depression. I was a very negative person and was going through life merely living. I finally decided that I didn’t want to continue living life just going through the motions so rather than use how I felt as an excuse, I used them as fuel for my change!

I decided to get help from a coach for accountability and followed a fitness program that also came with a meal plan. I ended up losing 15 lbs following this program in such a short time and was able to keep my results. I wasted six years of my life yo yo dying, but it only took me a few weeks to finally get the results I have always wanted because the biggest game changer this time around was my mindset. I was ready to work for my results.

Since I started working on my health and mindset, I am now more positive, energetic, happy, confident, and in the best shape of my life!

Now I am living my best life!

t25 transformation

What’s Possible For You!

Flash forward 30 days from now and imagine being able to get in those old jeans or feeling amazing in a new bikini. Imagine waking up to a life you enjoyed where you are feeling happier and healthier. Imagine being more present in your life and in your family’s life. Imagine what it’s like to be confident and truly start loving yourself. Imagine if you finally found your spark and were living your best life.

How amazing would your life be?

How It Works

You’ll workout from home with the same program that completely change my life, just 30 minutes a day. You’ll get control of your nutrition and portions. You’ll have the support and accountability from me. And you will be reading or listening to the book that completely changed my mindset for 15 minutes a day. We are going to spend 30 days together and it is going to change your life. You’re going to find your spark and become the best version of yourself!

What’s Included

1 year streaming access to over 600 workouts to chose from that you can do from anywhere. These workouts were created by world class personal trainers that have given thousands of people, including myself, results! There are programs for beginners, intermediate, and advance so you can always be moving on your goals.

Meal plans created by nutritionist.

Portion fix containers to make eating healthy super easy and simple. You’ll learn portions and how to meal prep.

A weekly cooking show that goes with your containers so you have a variety of foods to create.

30 day serving of Shakeology. Shakeology is a nutritional drink that is going to help you lose weight, reduce junk food cravings, provide healthy energy, and support your digestion and regularity. This is the game changer that is really going to help you stick to your new healthy eating.

Let’s Get Started!

beachbody on demand all access


Exclusive Bonuses

Because you signed up for The Spark Project, you’ll also receive these awesome bonuses once you register.

1-on-1 call with me to discuss your goals and help you get started.

Membership website that has every thing you ever need for your journey.

30 days of daily fitness, health, mindset, and goal setting coaching from me.

Weekly check ups for the next 30 days.

30 day access to me via FB message or email.

Testimonials & Transformations

I know this is weird… But I wanted to let you guys know I am feeling a lot more confident in a two piece. I still have a lot of work, but I will love my body every step of the way. Thank you Leah Canseco-Decker for all your support and encouragement. Wouldn’t have been able to do it without your support!Jasmine

This is by no means pretty, and not supposed to be. I never showed my belly to anyone after giving birth 11 weeks ago besides Leah. I’m ashamed of my stretchmarks all over, but I’ll learn to accept them over time. But me fitting in those pants is my non scale victory. Those are pre pregnancy jeans with no stretch. 4 weeks ago I barely got them over my butt, let alone closing it. A little longer and I’ll be able to wear them comfortably. Yay!Vanessa

As some of you know this past month I participated in a bikini body challenge to change my lifestyle and Gabe’s (he didn’t really have a choice as I wasn’t going to make different meals for everyone) I lost 10.5 combined inches and 10 pounds. (I Still have a long ways to my goal, but slow and steady wins the race) I want to do a HUGE shoutout to my coach Leah Canseco-Decker THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!Angela

body beast transformation  21 day transformation 21 day fix transformation hammer chisel before after

more transformations

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beachbody on demand all access


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