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May 31, 2019

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Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms as it is great for brand discovery within the platform. Instagram happens to be the platform that I built my business on and continues to be one of my lead-generating platforms. Although the posts aren’t discoverable on Google or evergreen, Instagram is the greatest platform for brand awareness, which is why it changed the whole marketing and advertising industry. Instagram continues to be the platform for influencers and for this reason; every single post should be well thought of and planned.

Unlike other platforms, Instagram focuses heavily on pictures. So many people like to plan their posts ahead of time in order to have a cohesive Instagram feed. There are plenty of applications that can schedule posts on Instagram, but there is no other platform that can compete with Tailwind. Tailwind is a certified Instagram approved application for scheduling on Instagram.

I’ve written about Tailwind before. You can find that post here. Tailwind has recently stepped up the game in hashtags once again.

What’s a hashtag? Hashtags were originally introduced by Twitter, but became very popular on Instagram. Hashtags are a way to search other post related to the topic. Hashtags on Instagram are used for discoverability.

In my previous blog post, I talked about how Tailwind makes it super easy to find hashtags to use for posts because the application lets you know how many posts are within one hashtag. Being able to choose the hashtags while scheduling the post is one of the reasons why Tailwind is the best for Instagram management. I can’t think of any other competing application that has this feature.

In the old school way of scheduling Instagram posts, a serious Instagram user would have to search hashtags ahead of time and create a note file within their phone so that they can cut and paste it to their Instagram post. If you’re typing hashtags on the spot while you’re posting within the Instagram app, you can forget about being found because that is not a strategy.

Since Tailwind is the best for Instagram management, they happen to solve the pain every one faces with the hashtag mess. Because you are allowed 30 hashtags to be used within one post, hashtags look like a mess when you post it within your caption. Tailwind recently added more to their hashtag feature. Not only are you able to pick the right sized hashtags on the spot as you schedule, but now you are able to schedule your posts so that the hashtags can be in your first comment, rather than on your caption post. Can we say game changer? Now we can all just schedule our posts ahead of time and not have to worry about the hashtags being in the captions and looking like a mess. We all can have clutter free Instagram captions.

hashtags in first comment

Ex of hashtags in the comments. Graphic by Tailwind.

To start using this feature, simply sign up for a free trial of Tailwind for Instagram and upload your post. Drop in your caption and then type the # symbol to get predictive hashtag suggestions. Click to choose or add frequently used hashtags from your list. Make sure to check the box to move those hashtags from your caption to your first comment. After that, click “add to queue” to automatically schedule your post for the best time. Automatic schedule posting for best time is another great feature that Tailwind has within the application.

Not only did Tailwind add the feature to put hashtags in the first comments, but they have also added the feature to auto post videos from business accounts. This feature is live right now and you can quickly add those videos onto your Instagram, just make sure it is the right aspect ratio.

As you can see, the new Tailwind features makes Tailwind the best for Instagram management and really helps serious Instagram users plan and build their brand . For more on Tailwind, please see my previous blog post on Instagram Marketing with Tailwind.

How to schedule hashtags in comments for Instagram

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