The best dropshipping course: eCom Elites Review

July 21, 2018
ecom elites review

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This blog post is about Frank Hatchett’s eCom Elites online course.

If you want to start an ecommerce business you can read my step-by-step guide on how to start an online store without inventory with Shopify here.

What is eCom Elites?

eCom Elites is an online course that focuses on the dropshipping model using Shopify. Dropshipping is an ecommerce model where you do not need any inventory to have a store. You work with a supplier that sends out the product to your customer whenever you receive an order. It is a very popular online business model and many deal with suppliers from China. eCom Elites delivers how to do dropshipping with this course.

Who created eCom Elites?

eCom Elites was created by Frank Hatchett. The dropshipping model with Shopify has actually been coined the “Frank Hatchett Method” by many entrepreneurs as Frank was one of the first people to show others how to do this business a few years ago. Frank is well versed in the online marketing world and provides so much free value on ecommerce. Frank has built several six figure stores. One store last year just hit shy of half a million dollars.

franklin hatchett

Why eCom Elites is the best dropshipping course in 2018.

Unlike many courses out there that just tell you how they’ve done it, how their student’s have done it, and how you must have the mindset to do things, Frank actually goes through each step with you and shows you exactly what he does. If you’re a beginner at dropshipping, this course will help you get started. If you are further in your dropshipping venture, and looking for more strategies, this course definitely delivers. I’ve been doing dropshipping for a year and Frank’s course introduced me to so many new ideas, strategies, and concept.

After implementing Frank’s method on how he does Facebook ads for his stores, I immediately made sales and made back my investment in the course.

What’s included in eCom Elites?

There are 9 modules in the course, with 3 bonus modules. Each module has plenty of videos that go over everything. When I mean everything, I mean everything! There are about 160 training videos in this course. The course covers beginning to scaling and all your marketing needs. You’ll learn how to find your money-making product, plugins and hacks that will have customers paying more, how to use Facebook ads, how to use Instagram influencers, how to do email marketing, how to do search engine optimization, how to scale your dropshipping business, and so much more. The Facebook ads training and SEO (search engine optimization) training in this course alone is very well worth the price of this course. I’ve even implemented a lot of the marketing strategies in this course with my other businesses that aren’t ecommerce. It works! The course also comes with a private Facebook group with other eCom Elites students where you can ask any questions you have. This course is constantly being updated with new information.

How much is eCom Elites?

The course is $197 and is jam-packed with content and receives updates with new ideas and marketing strategies. I’m a course buyer myself, and I have never seen a course with this much information. The price is totally worth it when you compare it to other courses. Most ecommerce dropshipping courses are well in the four figure range. This course is no brainer for only $197. Plus it helps with building an online business overall, and not just a dropshipping one. You can get the course here. If you have any questions about the course, feel free to drop them in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer them.

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