The thing they don’t tell you about growing an email list

December 8, 2017
email marketing

What is the number one thing every digital marketer tells business owners to do?

Drumroll please!

It’s to grow an email list! Then they give some stats of how you have to have so many people on your list to convert. Stats that are in the thousands to convert a few percentage. If you’re wondering what email marketing platform I use, I happen to use ActiveCampaign for my email list and love it.

But what if you don’t have to have thousands on your list? What if you have a small fanbase that is very engaged in your content? What if your list is full of your cult tribe who can’t wait to hear from you? Would you rather have a list of 500 super engaged audience who want to hear daily from you? Or would you rather have a list of thousands that you are getting crickets from? I certainly click unsubscribe if I’m just not feeling the vibe from the person. After all, branding is all about the vibes you give off.

Obviously, you want the highly engaged audience. Do not be discouraged when someone clicks unsubscribe from your content. They aren’t part of your tribe. I actually look at it as ‘good riddance,’ not part of my tribe, I don’t have to pay for you to be on my list anymore. Ha! Cuz you know, it cost money to keep your email list, so why would you want people who don’t freaken love you!?

It’s not about the numbers. It’s about building connections with your audience. When you build connections and provide value to your audience, your cult tribe arrives and they are the ones just like you. Isn’t it it more fun when you can just be yourself!? Speak from the heart? Speak in flow and alignment? Rather than trying to come up with content that you think your audience will resonate with or want to hear? That is icky and not in alignment. Then it feels like a heavy burden. Ya feel? Have you tried doing this?

Ok so how about you start doing things from flow and alignment? Doing things from intuition that just makes your soul spark? Like you’re absolutely so lit about your business and your freaken life? Yassss. You’re ready for that and you’re ready for more!

ALIGNMENT. EFFORTLESS. FREEDOM. That’s what you want right? As always, if you can see it, it’s already available to you.

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