What is your love language?

love language

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The new year is here which means I have more goals I want to accomplish this year. One of the hugest goals I have is personal development. Coaching has really impacted my personal growth because I strive to better myself every day by learning and finding out more things about myself. I have recently been listening to The 5 Love Languages and this has definitely opened up my eyes and will better my marriage.

Do you know your spouse or significant other’s love language?

The 5 love languages are:
1. Words of affirmation
2. Quality time
3. Receiving gifts
4. Acts of service
5. Physical touch

For example, someone whose love language is acts of service feels loved when their partner does things for them like laundry, putting dishes away, etc. If their partner does not do those things, then it comes off as not being loved by the person whose love language is acts of service and comes off as always nagging to the other person.

Everyone has a love language. What yours is could be different from the person you love. Understanding each others love language will better the relationship.

Happy Monday!

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