What social media platform should have your time?

October 31, 2017
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The world of social media can be confusing to those who are first starting out in their business. There are so many social media platforms and it can get very overwhelming figuring out which ones to be on.

Should you be on all of them? Absolutely not, but you can automate them so if you post on one, it posts on the others. Distributing content via automation can get your content out there, but if you are not spending time on that platform then there is no engagement going on and thus not fully building your brand.

Social media is just that, social. You have to be engaging. You have to be building your KLT – know, like, and trust factor. People don’t buy the product, they buy into you. When was the last time you said ‘ooooh that’s an amazing course!’ from someone you have never heard of. Is the answer never? Get the point?

The best way to pick which social medias to be engaged on are the ones you hangout the most on because your soulmate clients are where you hangout. Another factor of choosing a social media platform is the demographics. What age level does your business target? Another way to choose which social media platform to be using is also determined by what you are selling and how people engage on those platforms.

Let’s do a brief overview of the most popular social media platforms out there.

Twitter is a platform that is based on 140 words only and where hashtags originated. You can search for things via hashtags. This platform is mixed in demographics. Celebrities, artist, athletes are big on Twitter. Whenever there is a breaking news, I go to twitter to find out more information.  It’s a great platform for entertainment as well as spreading blog articles.

Facebook is the king of social media platforms. Everyone and their mom, literally, is on Facebook. This is the platform where the older generation who didn’t grow up with computers also hangout. Most likely, everyone you know has a Facebook. I had Facebook when it first came out for college students only and it has grown to be the biggest platform for advertisers. You should absolutely spend your time on Facebook if you are selling anything.

LinkedIn is where the professionals go to network and find jobs. If you are a service based business, are you taking advantage of LinkedIn? The place is loaded with leads!

Snapchat changed the game of how social media was running with its short stories and filters that disappear in 24 hours. Facebook tried to buy them, but Snapchat said no so you can see how powerful it is if Facebook tried to purchase them a few years ago. This platform is a hit with the younger generation and is also a good platform to be a social influencer on. This platform is awesome for telling your brand, your story, and your daily life. It is a great way to deliver aspirational content.

Instagram is the best place to build a brand’s visual as the platform’s main goal is to deliver images. It’s a great place for telling stories with images. Instagram is a social media influencing platform. Think about this, brands would rather pay an Instagram influencer to talk about their brand than spend money on ads. That’s why if you are a brand, you need to be on Instagram!

If you are a blogger, Pinterest is the platform for you. If you sell a product, Pinterest is the platform for you. If you give tips, Pinterest is the platform for you. Pinterest’s demographic is very female oriented, although males are catching on.

I love YouTube! It is my go to for learning anything! It is also a great platform for entertainers. This platform is great for teaching content and aspiration content. It’s the go to platform for being an expert at something. This platform is also loaded with social media influencers and also the only social media platform where you can monetize your videos.

So which platforms are you currently on? Are there any you want to add?

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