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Heeeeey there! Tell me if this is you!

  • You’ve want to start a business or you’ve gotten some success and ready for more.
  • You’re ready to go all in!
  • You’re ready to dig down and get rid of your limiting beliefs.
  • You want a business that lights you up.
  • You want to raise your vibrations and attract your dream tribe.
  • You believe that if you can see it, you can have it.
  • You’ve got some strategies in place, but looking to automate them more.
  • You want more time.
  • You’re ready for more clients.
  • You’re ready to be more visible online.
  • You want to be famous AF for your soul work.
  • You’re ready to lead.
  • You’re absolutely ready to do your soul purpose work only and stop creating things that you’re really not passionate about.
  • You’re ready to stop giving AF about things that don’t align with you.
  • You’re ready to get aligned!
  • You’re ready to have freedom.
  • You’re ready for more money!
  • You’re ready to have everything you want.

Let me tell you … YOU CAN HAVE WHATEVER YOU WANT! And I’m going to help you get there.

Somethings we will do together


  • Establishing the foundation of your business
  • Figuring out your brand
  • Finding your soulmate clients


  • Growing your mindset so business can be easy
  • Establishing systems and automation
  • Figuring out your marketing strategy


  • Creating your signature framework
  • Establishing passive income
  • Increasing your prices

I’ve worked hard to get past rules and restrictions as in if I really don’t want to do a certain marketing strategy that I’m not aligned with, I won’t. I’m all about attracting your tribe, soulmate clients only, and letting your soul work flow. It should be EASY! It should be effortless. Business doesn’t have to be hard. I am going to work with you with your needs! If you want mindset work on one call, and strategy on another. I’m all game! Like I said, it should be easy. Let’s make it easy! Let’s get you to where the F you want to be! Let’s get you the freedom you want!

Gorgeous the time is NOW!

Let’s get aligned AF so you can up level in all areas of your life and business.

Use the form below to let me know that you are IN or if you have any questions.

6 month private coaching package

  • 18, 45-minute private sessions with me
  • Unlimited support M-F via fb messenger between sessions


  • Instagram Secrets ($197 value)


  • Branding Identity Design ($1200 value)
  • Access to any course I release during our 6 months of coaching.

$5400 paid in full or 6 monthly payments of $1000

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See what clients have to say!


Leah was able to create the cutest brand identity for my business that actually made sense. She really listened to what I was saying and was able to capture the essence of both my biz and my soul mate clients. Thank you, Leah!

– Devandy Walbridge, Holistic Health & Wellness Coach at Devandy V


camille davisLeah has a way of getting down to the core of what you need in order to stand out in a sea of sameness and differentiate yourself so you can attract your dream soul mate client! Loved our deep dive session that helped me understand that having a cohesive branding kit is vital to consumer recognition + my success, crushed it!

– Camille Davis, Creator & Owner at Divorced not Defeated, Daily Courage


I had an amazing call with Leah! She was super helpful with how I should make my brand cohesive across social media, and how to use social effectively so that my brand stands out. Love her energy!

– Gina Day Woodward, Wellness Coach