You do your own thing

November 27, 2017

So I’ve been in the online world for about four years, not counting my time when I was doing wedding photography and graphic design because I wasn’t really on social media much since clients came in through SEO in those days. My online world really took off when I started fitness coaching. I’ve built majority of my online presence through Instagram, and Facebook as my second platform. I’ve really just been doing my own thing and I’ve always loved it that way.

Since becoming a success coach, I’ve been introduced to the world of Facebook groups. Holy shit are there so many different postings in there. So MANY. So many scarcity tactics that I just want to shoot myself. Bahaha. Ok but seriously, I am not fond of posts that start off with “you aren’t where you want to be because” type posts. What is that scarcity tactic? Does that shit really work? Because it sure doesn’t work for me. Haha. So I don’t write posts like that myself because if it doesn’t work for me, then it doesn’t work for my tribe either.

There are also amazing posts in groups too that are full of value. Facebook groups are great for finding those that vibe with you, but it can also cause a lot of triggers. Do you ever find yourself having a change of mood because of these groups? Been there, done that and that’s why I get away immediately and do my own thing.

Living in an online world can sometimes be overwhelming and it is important to note the things that don’t serve you. I am a firm believer that your clients and customers always come to you and that you don’t need to chase them around. Business doesn’t have to be hard. Let all the digital marketers do their own thing, and you do your own. You don’t need to follow every single marketer’s strategy. The only strategy that works is the one that feels aligned to you – the one that feels good to you. I’ve heard some business coaches say you have to do X many clarity calls in order to get someone to book you. What!?!? That’s just not in alignment with me. I am the kind of person that just hands over the credit card if I want to work with you. There doesn’t need to be any persuasion or convincing going on. So naturally, my tribe is the same too. How do you work?

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